Friday, February 12, 2010

What a Day! Whew!

Crazy Day today - but that is what usually happens when you get ready to go away on vacation - so much on my mind and so much to do! 

When I dropped Jake off at school this morning - I realized -  as I was pulling away that I forgot to give him lunch money - or a packed lunch!!   Called my WONDERFUL Father and thank goodness he was able to go to the school and give him some cash! THANKS POP!!

Then I decided to go and get a spray on tan before I go to FLA on Sunday with Phil, Jake and 200 Teamsters ( you see - 2 of my dresses are "a little" low in the front and if the "girls" remain "shocking white" like they were this morning - I will be even more uncomfortable - so a little tanning helps to "tone them down" LOL!!)

So I pull into the salon parking lot and ...I realized -  I forgot my make-up bag, comb and hair spray - so after spraying on the "tan" ( that the girl told me they were having trouble with the machine -right before I got in there - and to let her know if it "felt ok" ... Now I am afraid to take off my clothes and look in the mirror!!)  I had to run back home to get my "beauty products"  BUT  good news is I got to the office 10 mins before 9am and was able to apply my "face" and tease my hair up high  but I smelt like coffee or something like that all day (remember -spray on tan!)   -and I can't wait to get in the shower -- ( but still frightened of the mirror!! )

Lunch time was a little better - I met my friends Andrea and Marie at the mall on Rt 4 to drop off their CTMH orders and got an AMAZING DEAL on a beautiful black leather Scrapbook Tote -- reg. price $129.00 and was on clearance for $25.00!!!  SOOO COOL!!  I love a great deal - especially if it involves scrapbook stuff!!!

After work was a little better -- I dropped off another CTMH order at my friend Lisa's and met her cute children and her lovely house and got to see her beautiful canvases - they came out great - I will post them on my Canvas Class post in a little bit - she still needs to send me one more!

I picked up some Sushi for dinner -- yum!  Then got Jake from his friend's house - came home -and my son NICK is HOME from school in NH! - Yeah!  and I got to see my scrapbook friend Linda -who kindly came by to pick up her CTMH order ( LINDA  - I know you are reading this -- PLEASE send me a pic of your beautiful canvas too!!  ) - Right after my associate from my real job got here to pick up some paperwork -- see what I mean - Whew!! What a Day!

After dinner - did some packing -- my Hubby is bringing WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES!!  but that is nothing new!!  I should be use to it by now!! - but I'm just sayin'!

I just had a cup of tea and we are watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.  OH and at dinner - I realized  GUESS WHAT I FORGOT AT WORK?????   Yup - the make-up bag and comb!!!!!!! Geesh!!  It ended like it started - why am I not surprised!!

Tomorrow's plans - finish packing -  go buy new make-up - leave for Atlantic City around 2pm- because that is where we are flying out of on Sunday early AM -- and NO I did not make that choice.... that was Hubby's plan - but I am just along for the ride - the Teamsters are in charge!!

I am going to make sure I pack my Gypsy -- it will be my own little handheld gadget to play with on the plane!

Back to the Olympics -- Night all!