Thursday, June 27, 2013

Party Planning time! Nifty Craft Idea Included!

Hi friends!

I've been a busy busy mom these days -  my youngest  Jake son graduated High School last Friday night - I am SO VERY PROUD of him and now I am in FULL PLANNING MODE for his upcoming Graduation Party in the middle of next month! ( With so much to do yet, that sounds MUCH better than @2 weeks away!!! YIKES!!! )

I attended a scrappy day crop with some friends this past weekend ( while Jake was home sleeping off his all night Project Graduation event ) and I was able to finish a few more pages for his scrapbook (shhh... it's a surprise! for him, and the layout will be my INSPIRATION submission for Scrap-a-Doodle Doo's JULY Sketch Challenge - so watch for more info on July 1st!)
Anyway - I want to share one of the crafts I am making to put on the tables as both decoration, and low lighting for the party! 

First I took a 1 quart mason jar and  painted the inside with Glossy Mod Podge.

Then I sprinkled in some cool silver star glitter that I picked up at our local florist supply store.

Then I took the torn up pieces of Royal Blue tissue paper ( the school colors are Royal Blue and White) and placed them inside the jar, pressing them down, and into place with a paint brush, and occasionally adding more Mod Podge to hold it down, or make it lie flat.   I overlapped pieces here and there as well.

I made 2 jars as my "test" and after drying overnight - I am very pleased with how they came out!

Here is how it looks sitting on the table in the daylight without a candle.

Here is how it looks light up **
 I LOVE THEM!!   I think they are going to make the tables look great - by Day or Night! Now I just have to make @ 15 more!!  It looks like there won't be much sleeping for me between now and the party!! :-)

So -that's my little crafty project for this week - I hope it inspires you to CREATE SOMETHING!!

((Hugs)) ~ Sherri

** There was some concern and discussion amongst my group of crafty friends as to the "flammability" of the inside of a glass jar coated in paper and Mod Podge.   Due to their concerns - I used Votive candles that are encased in a small "shot like" glasses and did a test burn for @ 5 hrs with no issues.  Be sure to use a candle that is in a glass container or possibly one of the battery powered votive lights.