Thursday, April 22, 2010

All my bags are packed....

and it is almost time to start my scrapbook weekend !

Well - to be honest  - I haven't packed my clothes and stuff - but all the IMPORTANT scrap stuff is loaded in the car ready to go!

I am sure my friends Pattie and Karrie will be happy to learn  - that - As hard as I tried - I am still an official member of the OPC -Over Packers Club -and I'll proudly wear my badge! LOL! -

Can't wait for the weekend to begin!  Just 3 hrs of work tomorrow and I'm outta there!!  I'm teaching 2 classes -a Tag You're It - stamping class & a Glimmer Mist~My Elixir of Life Class! Woo Hoo - LOVE these Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo weekends!  Such a great group of 50 of my "closest" friends!  If they aren't now - I will make sure they will be by the end of the weekend!

A friend of mine, who I haven't seen in years, and just reconnected on Facebook posted a beautiful saying on her status last night.  I came at a time that I really needed to hear these words - as I received some disappointing news yesterday  - she said:

"Be happy, walk through life with your head held high and live it up! What better way to get through your days than to play and feel the excitement; live up to the life that you love and share it all with someone close to you."

I "tweaked" her message a bit - to fit how I was feeling -

"Be HAPPY, walk through life with your head held high and ENJOY each and every minute! What better way to get through your days than to play and feel the excitement doing what you LOVE to do; LIVE up to the LIFE that you LOVE and DREAM about ...and SHARE that LOVE and those DREAMS with EVERYONE! ♥ "

These words helped me to realize something -Acceptance is all about ME -it is not what others think or choose to think. It is not if I am selected or passed over. If I ACCEPT myself as I am ~ and continue to BE all that I DREAM of being and SHARE those DREAMS and LOVE with others - then I will be HAPPY and THAT is what really Matters in life ~ anything else is just some extra icing on my cupcake!

So.... I guess it is time to pack my clothes and stuff for the weekend - before it gets too late - I need to get in as much sleep as I can tonight - because I am going to fit as much scrap time in as I can this weekend!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend too!