Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Donuts!!

Donuts on the Beach??? 
Yes!!  ~ That's how they do it in Sicily! !

Hi everyone -I hope you are finding a little relief from the HEAT WAVE we are having here in the northeast - or that it is cool where you are!!  Thanks for stopping by!

First, a little background on this photo and this layout - We went on a Disney Mediterranean Cruise back in July of 2007.  Needless to say, I took LOTS and LOTS of pictures.  I am NOT a "quick get it done" kind of scrapper. Now, there is nothing wrong with that - and I kind of envy those that are, but it is just not me - I know, accept and embrace the fact that I will "NEVER BE DONE!"

I scrap photos when the "mood" hits me - or I am inspired by something -and that "something" on this layout was the Fence (which I had in my scrap "stash" for years, and recently "found" again!) and  those little ADORABLE Donut Embellishments, by Jolee's Boutique/EK Success - Which I purchased - like all of the rest of the items used on this layout - at no other place than my FAVORITE Local Scrapbook Store - Scrap-a-Doodle Doo !

So - the "story" behind this layout and photo is... We went on a DCL excursion while in Palermo, Sicily to Mondello Beach, with a bunch of other cruisers.  We were direct to a fenced in area where they must "deposit" cruise tours all the time.  On the other side of the fence was a sidewalk that lead to the road and to town.

The day was HOT, the beach was beautiful, and there was a bakery nearby that sent one of their workers over to the beach with a box of fresh, delicious, AMAZING donuts.  I must say - it has been almost 4 years and our family still swears that those were THE BEST donuts that we ever had!  I just LOVE this picture of our youngest son Jake enjoying the donut, it captures that great memory!

Another memory of that day ( here is where the fence comes in!) was that while sitting on a beach chair, reading a book, I looked up to see a young guy going through the pockets of a pair of shorts that a fellow cruiser had hooked to the underside of his beach umbrella.  I remembered it had been a young family with 2 small kids sitting there - and this guy was NOT the owner of those shorts - nor of the camera he was taking out of the pocket!!  I started to scream at him "HEY!  That's NOT your camera!  Put it back - it's not yours!!!"  and he started talking to me in Italian ( like I could understand - right!! LOL!!) and was not putting it back!  I then took my beach towel and started swinging it at him - yelling the whole time for him to PUT IT BACK!!  I didn't even think about how crazy it what I was doing was, just that this guy had some nerve to take this family's memories from them!!  Everyone around me just watched - and the guy finally jumped the fence and ran off down the sidewalk to town!  Phil was not happy at all with me for my "brave" - alright -kind of stupid actions - this was a thief in Sicily I was "dealing" with - and it wasn't even my camera !! I was not happy that everyone sitting around me did just that - sit and watch!!  The poor family lost all of their photos that were taken on the cruise up to that time - was not happy with their loss either - even though it was pretty stupid to leave it hanging right there in the open.  SO - that is my silly fence story and why it is included in this layout! 

Now - onto the layout ( If you've stuck with me and through my rambling so far! LOL!!)
The BASE of this layout is one of my favorite new finds - a 12 x 12 glazed chipboard sheet! This one is by BAZZILL and has glazed polka dots.   First - I brushed white acrylic paints "here and there."  Then I used Tattered Angels Chalkboard Glimmer Mist in POLKA DOT PINK , INCHWORM, ALASKAN SALMON, TEAL HIGH HEELS, and GRAPE APE and wiped it back a little, off of the glazed circles.

I then inked the edges of the base, and the torn edges of the large polka dot paper ( it was a give away at the DAY at the BEACH CROP that I attended the day I made this layout ( hosted by Scrap-a-Doodle Doo ! )
with Quick Quotes Powder Puff BLUE HAWAIIN Chalk Ink - ( LUV this Stuff!) and glued it onto the base on an angle. 

Can you see the cute donuts in this photo? - and a close up of my son Jake enjoying the real one?!
The FENCE was a find at one of the big box stores around here from a few years ago. I included the "tickets" from the excursion, and thought the seashells looked nice in that corner ...shhh... don't tell, but they are not from Sicily -but that can be our little secret - okay?

Here you can see a photo I snuck in behind the journaling tag (that I painted around the edges with the INCHWORM and TEAL HIGH HEELS Chalkboard Glimmer mist.)  It is a picture of a post that we passed when we got back on board the Disney Magic. I guess people thought it seemed that the thing "to do" when you returned from a shore excursion, was to take off your MICKEY EARS sticker, that had your group/tour # on it, off of our shirt and add it to this post -- It really made a cool photo opp, so I had to include it too!

Here is a close up of the fence -  It was a natural wood with white wire connecting.  I "hit" it with a little white acrylic paint "here and there" and then sprayed it with Tattered Angels Chalkboard Glimmer Mist, INCHWORM, and TEAL HIGH HEELS, then a little Sugar Maple Glimmer mist  -brushed on with a paint brush - I added a little BLUE HAWAIIAN Powderpuff Chalk haphazardly too!
I LOVE how it came out - I hope you do too!

Thanks for looking -and if you reached this point - THANK YOU for sticking around through all my rambling - I hope you take away a little inspiration for one of your beach layouts this summer!

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Thanks,  Sherri