Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TIP: Scrap Desk Organization HELP!! ;o)

Hello Fellow Scrappers!!

Are you excited as I am for tonight's new episode of CRAFT WARS?? 10PM on TLC!

I wanted to share a SCRAPPY TIP with you - that I had posted about last week on


I hope this little SCRAPPY TIP comes in handy while you are CREATING!

Have you ever been in the middle of creating a project, card or layout -then all of a sudden, you reach for your favorite sharp scissors - that you were just using a few minutes ago -and can't find them anywhere on your desk??!!! 

Or how about the pencil you just had in your hand - or the bone folder, or the Tim Holtz Mini Fastener, or the Distress Stain??? 

How on earth do these things that you JUST HAD a few seconds ago just DISAPPEAR???

While I can't explain their "Magical Disappearing Acts,"  I can give you a tip on what has worked for me to help keep the tools that I am using for the particular project that I am working on - close at hand - and to deter them from loosing their way into scrappy oblivion!

How do I contain their wayward ways you ask?? 

Well - as my Mother aways said - " A place for everything, and everything in it's place."  So, I picked up this cute little bright green basket at my local Dollar Store - and I now place all of the tools that I plan to use on my currtent project into it - and add others as I go along. 

OOPS!!! - I've included another "Sneak Peek" of my upcoming SOLD OUT 6/23 Class at THE DOO - but KITS will be available for purchase ON LINE after the class - Call the STORE at 201 818 7060 to reserve yours - or email them at customerservice@scrap-a-doodledoo.com if you want one - COMPLETE instructions and color photos are included.

As soon as I am done using an item from the basket - I do not put it on my desk or work area - back into the basket it goes.

Now I know some of you out there might not like the color green - but my reason for this color is that it stands out among the mess -- umm... I mean creative chaos - that is on my work area -and makes it easy to locate.

You don't have to go out and purchase a basket - you can look around your house, and see if you have something that might work for you - how about in that kitchen cuppord where you keep all those plastic containers, (that tend to fall out like you've pulled the wrong block when playing Jenga -)  when you reach in for one. Come on - we all have them .... don't we?? - (If you order Chinese Take Out - I am sure you have a few somewhere!) You can even decorate it with paper or paint if you want to get really crafty to help it to POP and stand out in your mess - oops - I mean on your desk!!

So - I hope this tip will help you to get even craftier - and if you need any tools, inks, or supplies - be sure to continue to support your Local Scrapbook Store - especially my FAVORITE ONE -

Please feel free to share any of YOUR Scrap Desk Organization Tips in the comments below - or just pop in and say "HI" so I know you were here!  I LOVE BLOGGY LOVE!!

 Now Go Get Crafty!!

((HUGS)) ~ Sherri