Thursday, December 1, 2011

PLEASE VOTE for your favorite - it could be mine!

Hi everyone - I am in a Facebook contest to become a Guest Designer for a great Adhesive Company  -HELMAR.

The voting count looks close, and voting closes tomorrow at 9am.  The project with the most votes wins, and I would love it to be mine -BUT the rules state that I can't tell you what project I made.  SO - I am asking if you have a minute to please take a LOOK at all of the beautiful entries, and type in the word VOTE when leaving a comment under the one that you like the best!! 

I've already voted for my FAVORITE  - I'm hoping that you like my project and VOTE  ( only once is counted.)  Please feel free to tell your friends and let them know what one you LIKE too! ~ Oh  - and feel free to LIKE Helmar when you are there too - they make GREAT GLUES!!

Here is the link to the photo page for voting!   <<----Click here