Wednesday, October 20, 2010

INSPIRED ~ but no time to get messy!

My hubby and I had a GREAT 28th Anniversary Get-Away this weekend at the BEAUTIFUL Brigdgeton House Bed & Breakfast, in Upper Black Eddy, PA

First let me say that I can't believe that I remembered my camera - but I FORGOT to check to make sure the memory stick was in it!!  Has that ever happened to you??  Let me tell you - it will be the last time it will happen to me ( I hope!)  There was really no where around to buy a new one - and I have quite a few at home - so all the photos I took were on my camera - they came out OK - but I wish I had my camera!

The Inn was AMAZING - each room and wall was literally a WORK OF ART! - I seriously felt like I was in one big scrapbook!! I think Phil picked the PERFECT room for us - The Garret Room - we were on the TOP - or PENTHOUSE floor, with our own balcony overlooking the Delaware River. The COLORS and TEXTURES and PATTERNS in our room were just so beautiful - and just "so ME!!"

ALL of the rooms were different and had their own style and character - one just as beautiful as the other - SUCH INSPIRATION!!  Here are some pictures of our room ~

The shutters on the window were cut and painted to look like a butterfly! COOL!

Here are photos of other rooms in the Inn - We arrived right at the 3pm check in time and the Innkeeper, Mark told us we could look in any of the rooms where the doors were open, and the guests had not yet arrived.  So I "snapped away!"

Tea anyone?

The staircase to our room

Chilling on the balcony

Sherri having sherry on the balcony ;o)

I can't wait until this weekend when I will be sure to make time to CREATE!!  I've got LOTS of ideas in my head and need to get them out!!! 

Watch out Phil !! - I feel the need to "re-do" some walls in our house too!!

I hope these photos INSPIRE you to just go ahead and DO IT - CREATE - MAKE - something!!
Try something NEW - GET MESSY - HAVE A BLAST!!