Sunday, December 19, 2010

Playing with Dollies ~another Trifecta

So - I love a good challenge and this one was a tough one!  The girls at the Design Dollies BLOG have done it again and enticed me to take on all three of their weekly challenges and enter this week's TRIFECTA!
The BEST thing about about "playing" along with the DOLLIES, is that I get to use up the mountainous "stash" of scrap cr*p that I have accumulated - and it helps me to really get creative!

Here is this week's challenge:

FIRST - the COLORS ~ Black, Yellow & Silver hmmm a bit of a challenge in itself -but wait - there's more!

SECOND - the   ELEMENTS: Nautical but Nice!  OK -not so bad, but you don't think of Black, Yellow and Silver when you think of of the Ocean / Sea / Sailing...... This IS going to be a tough one!!

(at this point - it was Tuesday night- and all I am waiting for is the SKETCH that is issued on Thursday -so I begin pulling out pictures, papers, embellishments that fit the colors and elements and wait in anticipation to see how I can make it all fit!)

THIRD - the SKETCH (below) arrives!

HMMM.....  - the photo I want to use is horizontal - and I only have one that I want to use
-- this IS REALLY going to be a CHALLENGE!!

So....  here is my entry - What do you think??

About the photo - as you can see - it was taken on our Magical Mediterranean Disney Cruise from 2007.
I am not an "up to date" scrapper - and I will NEVER be finished with all of the photos that I have.  I scrap photos when "the mood" hits me - I have to have a feel for what I want to do - I don't scrap to scrap and "get it done" - I scrap to honor -and embellish the photo/story with "stuff" too!  

This photo is from a crazy day filled with LOTS of amazing memories.   The four of us did our own excursion in Villefrance, France.  I spent months and months researching what to do here ( surprise surprise!!!! ) and found a way to get on a public transportation bus, to take us to the beautiful EZE, France on the Cote d'Azur.  Once we got off the tender, and into the port of Villefranche, we walked along the road, seeing some "sights!"  the beautiful and colorful homes and cafes, as well as the naked sunbathers, are memories that we will have for a lifetime - the naked ones were burned in our minds and something we wish we could forget - as they were NOT bathing beauties - but everyday Grandmas and Grandpas - even Grandpas wearing Speedo's too! OH MY!! LOL!

Well, it was a HOT HOT and sweaty day -and we made our way up and up the zig-zag roads (see the different levels behind us in the photo?)  The whole time my 3 non-adventurous men complained about the heat, and me not knowing what I was doing or where we were going ( yes, I did ask someone for directions!) Once we got on the bus, we ended up having to go from Villefrance, to the main bus station in Nice ( the opposite direction of Eze,) then onto another bus back past Villefrance and onto Eze! I enjoyed every bit of the "fun" (beautiful scenery -on the way to Nice and on the way back!) while others in my party didn't see it that way! 

It was all worth it as our day in EZE is filled with wonderful memories, this is a place I would love to go back to one day - hey, it's the French Riviera - who wouldn't!!  Oh - and we didn't end up taking the bus back to the port - (the Explorers would have none of that again!) we took a Mercedes taxi back - but of course! LOL!!

I don't have any names of the papers that I used -I've had them for years - other than the base with Bazzill Black  ( which causes this layout to be able to be entered in another challenge in a facebook group that I belong to called "paint it black!" ) but I can list some of the ingredients that I used:
Dew Drop  Brilliance "Platinum Planet" Ink, on the edges, along with Tattered Angles Glimmer Glaze " Mellow Yellow " and "Oil Slick" also TA Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Glimmer Mist "Banana Pudding" ( in the bottom right corner) - Helmar Scrap Dots to adhere the buttons and the metal flower -which was from a broken piece of jewelry (thanks to my friend John!) the diecut "Vacation" title has been sitting in a draw for @ 3yrs waiting for a new home, and the silver word Adventure was made with Thickers "Rockaby" that I recently purchased to add to my stash - YES, I am a scrap-a-holic and I'm proud of it!! LOL!!

I hope you enjoyed my story and my layout!

Thanks for looking -- Please leave a comment if you were here - just a "Hi" would be nice!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Strength, Courage, Humor ~ a Remarkable Man!

Hi Everyone,  I have to share some GOOD NEWS - and maybe help everyone to take a minute and think about how BLESSED we are ALL are to be able to say that we are SO BUSY and don't know how we are going to "get everything done" before Christmas!

You see, my Uncle Bob is in the hospital, recovering from some major surgery - he has been a quadriplegic for the last 40+ years, after a swimming pool accident when he was 16, which in itself is a miracle!

 A recurring bedsore caused him to have to have his leg and part of his hip bone removed, about 4 weeks ago. He is an AMAZING and independent man, always in good spirits and joking, and he still has a long road ahead of him to recover.

Well  - the GOOD NEWS is that TODAY, with assistance,  he was able to get up, get dressed and get into his wheelchair for the first time since the surgery and......It went well!

He had to have a chest strap on to hold him up, but he wasn't dizzy or didn't lose his balance.....He even was able to eat his lunch sitting in his chair. He told my Mom, his sister, that maybe he can use the extra/empty pant leg as a scarf now that it is cold out!!  Just an incredible out look and crazy sense of humor!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been praying for him and ask you to please continue to do so, that he may heal quickly and be able to go home soon.

If you are able or so inclined and can send him a card or a note of encouragement in the next few weeks, I am sure he would appreciate it, and it would surely brighten the MANY days in the hospital that he has ahead of him.

His mailing address is:
Mr. Robert Zito
c/o Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg Hospital
2545 Schoenersville Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18017
(Good Shepherd Hospital)
(Room #4013)

SO -in this crazy busy season - when the only parking spot at the mall you can find is the furthest one away - be THANKFUL that you are ABLE to walk - what might seem like a mile - uphill in the cold - into the mall, but mostly be THANKFUL for the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS in life, FAMILY, LOVE & GOOD HEALTH - and take a minute to ENJOY THEM this Holiday Season ;o)

ALL THE BEST to you and your families,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Sketch, Red, Sky Blue, Celery Green, White & Candles = another Trifecta!

So - I found some time to create another layout to enter into the Design Dollies Challenge I was able to incorporate all of this week's Challenges - COLOR: I used ONLY the colors White, Sky Blue, Red and Celery Green, ELEMENT: Candles!, and their SKETCH.

Yes, the photos are from a 2009 Birthday Celebration - but, I didn't want to scrap these great photos, until I had the right "feel" for the layout to honor them.  You see I, like many people, started scrapping late in my son's lives, so I will NEVER be "DONE" with scrapping!  This seems to upset many people, or cause many not to even begin scrapping and honoring their photos and memories because the task seems so overwhelming - BUT - I look at it as an ongoing OPPORTUNITY and don't feel "pressure" to get "DONE" because if and when I am all done - what the heck am I going to do???? ( sleep maybe? LOL!)

My Grandmother "Mom-Mom" as she is affectionately called, and our youngest son Jake, share the same BIRTH DATE, September 27th.  There are "only" 76 years between their Birthdays, and we have CELEBRATED the last 16 years with a joint family Birthday - both of them wouldn't have it any other way!

There is always cake, fun, laughter, and this Happy Birthday Cake Hat somehow started to appear a few years ago, and has continued to be part of the celebration!

We are so BLESSED to have our Mom-Mom in our lives, and to have our AMAZING and Loving son Jake too!  I hope you like the layout!

Here you can see the Electric Blue Glimmer Mist ( and their Happy Faces!)

3 cardstock candles

Products used:   CTMH white cardstock, misted with Electric Blue Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Lime Pastel Cats Eye Chalk, Green and Sky Blue Cardstock (scraps,) K&Co. Que Sera Sera collection ( patterned papers, ) Prima white flower, Bazzil green flower, Maya Road chipboard alphas, painted with Luminarte "Radiant Rain" Poppy Red Twinkling H20 dauber, the blue and red rhinestone "bling" was found goodies in my "stash" ( that's why I like playing with the Dollies - I use up thing's I've had for a long time and put them to good use!)  Oh - the "candles" on the bottom left corner are rolled up pieces of cardstock with a piece of string glued into the middle!  Please feel free to "lift" the idea! ;o)

I hope you like it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Crack!

OK  - this is an easy, simple recipe - which is a good thing, since once you make one batch - you'll be making another in no time - so maybe just do what I do, and double it from the start!

I named it "Christmas Crack" because...

1. It is Addicting - like crack!
2. That is what you do to it!
3. You can only make it once a year because it is FAR from no-cal and you may just eat it ALL!  LOL!

So - now that you have been properly forewarned -

Here is the single recipe:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

35 Saltine Crackers ( I use the regular ones with the salt on the tops)
1 Cup Butter ( 2 sticks)
1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar (packed)
2 Cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (1 Bag)
3/4 C Chopped Nuts - I used Walnuts - you can use Pecans too
Red & Green colored sugar

Line a jelly roll pan ( aka -cookie sheet with edges ) with NON-STICK aluminum foil ( I used a large pan -so I used 2 pieces of foil that I folded /sealed where they joined across the middle (shorter length of the pan)  * Make sure you cover those little sides of the pan too - it will make this much easier in the end!

The recipe calls for 35 Saltines - well - I use bigger pans - and mine fit about 43 crackers -
FYI *** Did you know that Saltines are NOT perfectly square - AND that it makes a difference which direction you lay them in, so you can fit them edge to edge. Hmm - ya learn something new everyday!

SO - cover the foil pan with a single layer of Saltines - however many fit - edge to edge - if you have to break a few to make them fit - then go ahead and do it!

Next in a saucepan - bring the 1C Butter and 1C Brown sugar to a BOIL ( stop stirring once it starts to boil) Let the mixture bubble and boil for 3 minutes - DON'T LEAVE THE STOVE at this point -make sure it doesn't BOIL OVER!

Immediately POUR the bubbling sweetness OVER the Saltines - spread it out as evenly as possible with a spatula.  ( DON'T LIKE THE SPATULA - you WILL BURN your tongue - TRUST ME!)

Put the tray in the oven and BAKE for 5 - 6 minutes - It should all be a tray of bubbly gooey goodness before you take it out.

Immediately and EVENLY - sprinkle the bag of Chocolate Chips over the crackers.

Wait 3 - 4  minutes then EVENLY spread the melty chocolate goodness from edge to edge.

Quickly sprinkle the chopped nuts, and then a little of the RED and GREEN sugar sprinkles if desired.

Cool for @ 30 mins on wire racks - then transfer to the pan to the refrigerator to cool completely.

Once cold and set - peel off of foil and BREAK - OKAY - CRACK it into small pieces.  KEEP IN A COOL PLACE.

Betcha can't eat just one!  ENJOY!! ~ Sherri

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

B&W Mixed Media Album Class info

Hi Everyone!  I had an AWESOME time this past weekend, scrapping with friends on Black Friday at my FAVORITE LSS, Scrap-a-Doodle Doo, in Ramsey, NJ!

Creativity was flowing, and I was able to complete a COOL NEW PROJECT for a NEW TECHNIQUE CLASS that I will be teaching there on Saturday, January 15th, from 1 to 4 PM.  SEATING IS LIMITED - so PLEASE contact the store ASAP to reserve your seat.....
Cost: is  $35.00 and will be held at:

37-C Swan Street
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446
Phone: 201.818.7060

SAMPLE will be in the STORE on Dec 3rd!

YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS this "HOT" Black and White little book featuring beautiful papers by Theresa Collins ~ It is FILLED with ALL KINDS of FUN!!!   Here are just some of the techniques you will learn, and a few sneak peeks too! 

First off - you will learn how to "transfer" onto Ranger's Sticky-Back Canvas - we will use a Matte Medium to seal it, and add a little paint around the edges.

Yes, that is canvas, with a little PRIMA Bling added too!
 We will also be using the CuttleBug to make some cool textured cardstock, as well as Gesso, Ranger Distress Ink, oh - and OF COURSE GLIMMER MIST!!
How do you like that cool Tim Holtz Grungeboard embellishment on the bottom right? We will use Ranger Alcohol Inks to make it Silver, and give it a little Dimension with Tattered Angel's GLIMMER GLAZE!
 One of the pages will be CLEAR ACRYLIC - and we will stamp it with Tattered Angel's swirl stamps using Stazon Ink - and highlight the swirls with some of their CHALKBOARD Glimmer Mist too!

Don't 'cha LOVE that look!
One of the pages will be Tim Holtz Grungeboard  that we will put through the CuttleBug too - Spray it with some Glimmer Mist - using Tattered Angel's Glimmer Screens, and add some lovely Theresa Collins papers too!
We'll add a little PRIMA BLING to the last page too!

So, you will be using LOTS of interesting products, Sticky-back Canvas, Grundgeboard, Clear Acrylic, Chipboard, Alcohol Inks, Distress Inks, Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glaze, Chalkboard Glimmer Mist, Stazon Ink, Tattered Angels Stamps and Tattered Angels Screens, CuttleBug, Gesso, Paint, Matte Medium ( OH MY!! ) and learning LOTS of new Techniques.

I hope you can join me! January 15th, 1 - 4pm!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful & Grateful plus Pies!

As I reflect on all the many things I have to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving, a loving family and good health are at the top of my list.

I am grateful for the many blessings that we have too, like a warm home, good food, wonderful friends, and love for each other.  We are also so happy that our Uncle Bob is doing well after major surgery, and pray for his continued recovery. 

Today was a relaxing and enjoyable day, and I am thankful we were able to spend it with my parents ( aka. Meem & Pop)  After dinner, Nick, Jake, Meem & I played RockBand 3 together, while Phil and Pop just shook their heads. Then Meem and I played 2 games of Scrabble, while the guys watched football.  Then it was time for dessert - I made 5 pies for the 6 of us LOL!!  They all sounded so good, and they were!  I'll share some photos and recipes here with you - so you can try them too!

First up - since my oldest son Nick is a Vegan - I had to make him an
no photo here - but it was really good!  - REALLY!!
Even Jake tried it and proclaimed it was "not bad!"
(This would be great for someone with milk allergies too)

1 9" prepared graham cracker crust ( I used chocolate)
1 pound soft silken tofu
1/2 C unsweetened cocoa powder
1 C white sugar
1 Teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon cider vinegar

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
2. Blend tofu in the food processor until smooth. Add cocoa, sugar, vanilla and vinegar and blend until combined. Pour into prepared crust.
3. Bake in preheated over for 25 minutes
4. Refrigerate for at least 1 hr  - or overnight
Serve with non-dairy whipped topping
Next up: CRANBERRY PECAN STREUSEL PIE ( this actually is vegan too -but not intentionally!)
This pie is "a little" tart - well maybe a little bit more than "a little" but it's made with cranberries, so it is supposed to be!!  -This would be good with vanilla or butter pecan ice cream!

1 1/2 bags ( 18 oz) whole fresh cranberries, washed and drained
3/4 C white sugar
1 whole large apple ( mac, granny smith, rome) peeled, cored, quartered
1/4 C all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons nutmeg

1/2 C packed brown sugar
1/2 C chopped pecans
1/4 C all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon nutmeg
2 T butter flavored shortening

1 single pastry for a 9 inch single crust pie

1. Chop berries and apple in the food processor - add to a large bowl, and combine with the sugar and 1/4 C flour and 2 teaspoons nutmeg.
2. Mix chopped pecans, brown sugar, 1/4 C flour, 1 teaspoon nutmeg and shortening with a pastry blender. The mixture should be crumbly. Sprinkle over pie.
3. Bake at 350 degrees E for 45 minutes or until bubbly and browned.  Cool before serving.

Cranberry Pecan Streusel -upper left, Sour Cream Raisin-top right, Pumpkin bottom
*** New Family Favorite:
and YES!  it was as good as it sounds and looks!!

1 (9 inch) pie crust - BAKED - (do this first!!)
4 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
1 1/8 cups white sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 1/2 Cups sour cream
3 egg yolks, beaten
1 1/2 Cups raisins
1 tablespoon lemon juice
3 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
6 tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. In a medium saucepan, (not over heat) mix together the cornstarch, white sugar, salt, nutmeg. Mix in sour cream. Add egg yolks, raisins, and lemon juice. Stir until thoroughly combined.
3. Cook mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils. Boil and stir 1 minute. Pour into baked pastry crust/shell.
4. In a large glass or metal bowl, beat together egg whites and cream of tartar until foamy.  Add brown sugar 1 tablespoon at a time, continuing to beat until whites are stiff and glossy. Beat in vanilla extract.  Spread evenly over raisin filling, sealing meringue to crust edges.
5. Bake in preheated oven for @ 10 minutes, until delicately browned.

Sour Cream Raisin Pie with Brown Sugar Meringue

NEW this year on our Thanksgiving table - was TOFURKEY!
This was Nick's first Thanksgiving as a VEGAN - so I made sure he wasn't left out!
This actually tasted pretty good!

AND..... It wouldn't be THANKSGIVING without Lily "helping" Pop carve the Turkey!!

She is always right there to help "clean-up" any turkey scraps that might accidently "fall"  on the floor! LOL!

I hope everyone had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!
THANK YOU - for stopping by!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sneak Peek & Class Info ~STEAMPUNK DEBUTANTE!

Time Flies! Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante

“Mini Flip – Flap Album”
~ with Sherri Caramico

Dec 11th 1-4pm ~ Cost: $30.00



37-C Swan Street
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446
Phone: 201.818.7060

** Seating is LIMITED -so reserve your space now! **

In this class, you will be making a mini album to showcase photos of your choice – or to use as a great gift! You will also be able to use the “recipe” to re-create this adorable album again and again –for future projects/themes too! There are at least 18 pages/spaces for you to put pictures and/or journaling plus pockets and lots of tags too! We will be using the BEAUTIFUL Steampunk Debutante collection from Graphic 45! You will learn how to create your own embellishments out of paper, Score fold, use Screens, Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glam, Royal Coat Dimensional Magic, Sakura Glaze Pens and more!

PLEASE BRING the following to class: (all can be purchased at the store)
Liquid Glue, (Fabritac, Zip Dry or Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive)
12” Paper Trimmer
Bone Folder
Small Sharp Scissors
Splat Mat
Chestnut Roan Cats Eye Chalk

I hope you can join me  - here is a "SNEAK PEEK" :

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BRUCE! and yet another challenge!

WOW - I think this is my third TRIFECTA  submission to the Design Dollies Blog in the last 3 weeks!
I LOVE playing with the Dollies! They post a  COLOR CHALLENGE on Mondays, an ELEMENT CHALLENGE on Tuesdays and a SKETCH CHALLENGE on Thursday ~ and when you combine ALL 3 in one layout - you "hit the Trifecta!"

I LOVE the challenge of incorporating all elements in to a project - and usually try to only use "stuff" from my "stash" - BUT - I was fortunate to spend this entire weekend, scrapping with my "Doo Crew!" at our FAVORITE local Scrapbook Store  SCRAP-A-DOODLE DOO in Ramsey, NJ! ( Hi Stephanie, Mama Doodle, Karrie, Pattie, Donna, Janice & Marianne! I had a BLAST with all of you this weekend! *If you read this post - then please leave a comment and I know you were here!)

Sooo, while I was there - I snagged this great background paper that I've been eyeing for a while ( Bo Bunny's Mama-Razzi )- and a little can of the cool Tim Holtz film strip embellishment, as I think they worked perfectly for this layout! Pattie had a piece of Black and White patterned scrap paper, so I colored in the white spots with RED, AQUA and Yellow.( Thanks again Pattie!)

So - the challenge was -

COLOR: Red, Yellow, Aqua & Black  - CRAZY COMBO huh!

ELEMENT: Wee Little Ones -- The blog stated: "This is OPEN TO INTERPRETATION! This could mean little tiny people, very small embellies, something wee in your photos/images, mini ornaments or mini cards, or whatever. just stick to the theme and you'll be all set."

SKETCH: - kind of simple - and SO NOT "My Style" ~ BUT - I am always trying to "push" other people to create "outside their comfortable box" So - I gave it a try! ( that is why I LOVE playing with  the DOLLIES! ~ it's all about challenging MYSELF too I think!

SOOO..... Here is my submission:

These photos are from the Bruce Springsteen concert that Phil and I went to last October,
with his brothers and our sister-in-laws.
We tailgated in the shadow of both the "old" Giant's Stadium, and the NEW Meadowlands Stadium. 
It was one of the last concerts held in the old stadium, and BRUCE was great and we had FUN! 

Here is the black and white paper that I "retro-fitted" to meet the color challenge!
I used "wee" letters, sprayed with Dragonfly Glimmer Mist, added some "wee" red rhinestones too! I cut out the white swirl that was printed on the paper, and slipped the photo underneath to add some layers!
( OK - I'll let you in on a little secret -- shhh.... please don't tell, but the yellow strip that begins the journaling not only plays on the color challenge, and accents the yellow square with the Title, it also "hides" an opps! as my first attempt while writing the journaling was missing the "e" in "one" ~ REMEMBER one of my Mantras - There are NO mistakes in scrapbooking - only opportunities to embellish! - and THAT is what I did!! )

I adhered the Tim Holtz Film Strip (cool huh!) with itty bitty black brads, and the black Prima swirl and yellow glitter dots really go great together I think!

So - I hope you like my submission and one day hope to see you "playing" along with me over at the
DESIGN DOLLIES BLOG  as you can see - it's lots of FUN!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black, White & Purple.... Another Dollies Trifecta

Well, as you can see, these are not recent photos, in fact, they are from 1992 - 18 years ago!
To say that I am not "caught up" on my scrapbooking is MORE than an understatement -
you see, I started scrapping "late" in my children's lives, so I know I will never be able to scrap
every picture I have - so I opt for my favorites - and scrap them "when the mood or inspiration"
hits me!

So - I actually had these photos cropped and ready to scrap for some time, and it took the latest
challenge from my friends at  the Design Dollies Blog to give me the inspiration that I needed!

I decided to go for the "Trifecta" challenge - which means I have to "abide by" all 3 of the challenge
rules or guidelines that they post for the week:
1. Color - Black, Purple & White
2. Mixed Medium - use elements other than paper ( paint, glimmer, canvas, cardboard etc...)
3. Follow the sketch they provide

So - here is my entry:

Can you believe I couldn't find 1 piece of purple patterned paper in my "stash!"
(When I do these challenges - I make it a rule that I will not buy anything new - I have to use "stuff" I already have, so it was time to improvise!)

I sprayed a white piece of cardstock with Deep Plum Glimmer Mist and swiped the one side through what was left on the spray mat.

I painted a piece of ouchless cardboard from Gauche Alchemy with gesso -then painted the edge with Royal Velvet Glimmer Glam. ( LOVE THIS STUFF- and all their cool mixed media items - go to their facebook page QUICK leave a comment and you might be just in time to take them up on their GREAT discount offer! - HURRY!!)

I also painted all of the #3's on the black and white patterned paper with Royal Velvet Glimmer Glam - I wasnt' too neat -as I wanted the area to shine and stand out.

I painted Royal Velvet Glimmer Glam on the edges of my photo and journaling mats too.

I edged the journaling mat, playing card and the base cardstock with Oil Slick Glimmer Glaze

The MOMENTS title was painted with gesso, and then sprayed with RAVEN Glimmer Mist, and top coated with Oil Slick Glimmer Glaze

I added a black camera shaped eyelet, through which I hung a black tassel that I've had hanging around for a while!

I love the little picture of Nick with the fishing pole in the upper right corner - it fit perfectly under the acrylic square that I adhered to the layout with purple brads.

The purple net by the playing card is from a bag of onions! (love this stuff!)

 - Oh - I took one of the many boxes of playing cards that we have accumulated through the years -and it is not part of my scrap stash - cool idea - huh?! -

These pictures were taken in Myrtle Beach, SC ~ one of our favorite places to vacation. For @ 10 years we stayed in the Ocean Creek resort.  There was a bridge over the creek, where our son Nick, then 3 and his cousins Rachael and Danielle would go fishing or crabbing with their Dad's ~ Phil and Uncle Nick.  Nick is wearing a favorite pair of Batman shorts ~aren't they cool!  Look how little Nick, Rach and Nellie are!  Check out the Tattoos on Nicks arm and hand - what memories these photos bring back!!  I think this is the year -or even the day when one of the crabs that they caught got out of the bucket, and Rach or Nellie tried to climb up their Dad, and pulled his bathing suit down while trying to get away from the crab!  I love how cute they all are - such beautiful children have grown into such lovely and handsome adults!

I think that is what scrapping is all about - the joy we get when we are able to relive special times, MOMENTS or memories in our lives.  Time passes by so quickly - it is nice to look at these pictures, and be able to go back and enjoy these great family times again and again.

I hope you like it!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Project #5 -"Old Beauties" My favorite!

I found this old printer's tray a weekend get-away for my 49th birthday with my wonderful Hubby. There was a HUGE flea market, right outside the door of the beautiful Inn in Ocean Grove, NJ.

I used it to showcase the beautiful old and abandoned trucks that greet us as we arrive in New Hampshire to visit our son at college. Their colors are so beautiful; I knew I had to do something special to “pay homage” to their aged magnificence.

First, I randomly applied gesso to the entire tray leaving it thick in some spots.  After it dried, I started to spray Glimmer Mist from the upper left corner, downward.  The colors I used were - LIME TWIST, PATINA, FROZEN LAKE, CHALKBOARD APRICOT, TIGER LILY, GOLDEN TERRACOTTA, BRICK, SANTA BABY, CHALKBOARD HOT CHOCOLATE, PINE CONE.

And below is the finished product!  I LOVE how it came out!

It looks like someone painted these trucks - but the Patina is all natural and just beautiful!

Down one side it says INSPIRE

Along the bottom it says CREATE - I can't believe how these words fit and worked so beautifully!

The lace found here and there was from a small piece of antique lace I found at the same flea market.

I really LOVE this piece and am so happy I made it - the colors just blend and accent the beautiful old trucks perfectly.  I hope you have enjoyed looking too!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project #4 ~ Metal Flowers

We bought this metal wall hanging at a flea market in PA a few years ago. It is about 2’ x 2’ in size and has been hanging on my wall for years –with absolutley no color – ( other than the plain cream background) I decided it was finally time to MIST, GLAM and GLAZE it up!

Here is the "BEFORE"

Close Up of "the way they were!"

 I got out my paint brushes – again – I am so in LOVE with PAINTING with GLIMMER MIST and I had a blast on this project!!!!! I used the following colors: Glimmer Mist – APPLE (my new favorite- but this changes weekly, I must admit!) BRICK, WALNUT GOLD. Glimmer GLAM – DIRTY MARTINI, BE POSITIVE, ESSPRESSO BEAN. Glimmer GLAZE – WICKED, MELLOW YELLOW, ORANGE CRUSH, INDIAN SUMMER.

The "finished" product - what do you think?  a little better?

Look at all the Glimmer!! - Just YUMMY!!

I have to say – my favorite part of this is the flower on the lower right. I was trying to get it to look like a sunflower – and I am so happy with how it turned out.

What do you think?  Do you have anything that needs a little sparkle?  So - then get out your paintbrush and "have at it!"  What are you waiting for???


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Project #3 ~ A Woman of Valor

This 12” x 16” Canvas was a gift to my wonderful boss (he calls me “Scrappy” LOL.) He recently lost his dear Mother, and I made this as a special present for his Birthday. ( Look at the bottom right of the corner – there is a shadow of his Grandfather – taking the photo with his little Brownie camera! – so cool!)

I first used a stencil on the upper and lower right corners, and applied a thick coat of gesso to the openings. I also did this on corner of the small frame too, as well as brushed it randomly on the Glimmer Chip swirl, and the corner chipboard flourish too. After it dried – I applied color spraying Glimmer Mists, and using a paint brush for the GLAM and MISTS too! ( I found out I LOVE applying GLIMMER MIST with a brush! This stuff never ceases to amaze me – there is SO MUCH you can do with it!)

Oh – check out the black edge around the old photo – I applied OIL SLICK GLIMMER GLAZE with the paint brush in the bottle. Didn’t it come out GREAT!! I love the way it cracked and really makes the photo look very old.

I used the following Glimmer Mist colors on the canvas, papers and embellishments: CHALKBOARD Cotton Candy, - OLIVE VINE, SUNFLOWER, BLACK CHERRY, CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES, COSMOS, SUNFLOWER, and GOLD. I also used DIRTY MARTINI and CHANDELIER GLIMMER GLAM too!

I was so pleased with how this came out - Let me know what you think  - won't you?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project # 2 - from my Tattered Angel's submission

I made this mini book using my Zutter Bind-it-All for the first time. I decided to use papers and manila file folders that I had on hand - and hit them all with a little - ok A LOT of GLIMMER!

The cover is a piece of Acetate film that I sprayed with CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES and a little DAZZELING DIAMONDS on the front – and some FROZEN LAKE on the back – all through a swirly mask.

* Notice the “OOPS?” I punched too many holes the first time I used the bind it all – but used it as an OPPORTUNITY to add ribbon and twine ( on the left edge of the cover!)

I painted the GLIMMER GLASS butterfly with INDIAN SUMMER and MELLOW YELLOW Glimmer GLAZE, and some MERMAID Glimmer GLAM. I used some GOLDEN GODDESS and MERMAID GLIMMER GLAM on the paper spiral flowers that I made for the cover, along with Highlights throughout the book using more GLIMMER GLAZE in INDIAN SUMMER, WICKED, and MELLOW YELLOW. The lace on the cover was sprayed with PUMPKIN PIE GLIMMER MIST TOO!

The 2nd page is a cool Tattered Angels Bingo Board card – that was sprayed with the above 3 colors, PLUS a little PINEAPPLE that was sitting on my desk too! I put a paper towel over it while it was wet and rolled my brayer over it to distribute the color. The rest of the book contains pages that have been misted - sometimes with a mask over them to create cool swirl effects. ( I added some GOLDEN TERRACOTTA GLIMMER MIST to some of the pages too!). I Love how the Tattered Angles Tile came out – I think it looks so cool to incorporated as a “page” and with the words covered in glitter too!

Now get out there and add some SPARKLE to your day  - or to someone elses!!