Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brave Girls Club

Dear Super-Smart Girl,

Never let anything steal your soul. Never let anything blow your light out.

Be willing to walk away from things that feel wrong. Know that you have the
ability to be a light in the darkness, and don't allow the darkness to dim
YOU in any way.

Create the life that is in your heart to live. You can do this.
Choose to put your energy in places where you want to grow more of what there
already is...and don't put any more energy in places that you have outgrown or
that you want to be free from.

Life can be good and joyful and light-filled and wonderful.....you get to choose
EVERY DAY where you put your energy....every single day.

Choose wisely, beautiful girl...and life will unfold in beautiful ways.

I signed up to start receiving these great daily inspirational messages from The Brave Girls Club.

(My Thanks go out to Liz Hicks - they bring joy to my day and it is because of you that I receive them!)

They are really great and inspiring and wanted to share them with all of you too!

Go to their website :


and scroll to the bottom - then click on the little bird holding the sign that says:

A Little Bird told me
Daily Truths
Join our Email list

and follow the directions -- you will be HAPPY each day that you did!

Love to all!