Friday, March 23, 2012

A Pirate's Life for Me!!

Hello my Bloggy Buddies!

I was going through some of my albums last weekend, and came across these fun layouts from our 2007 Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Cruise.

We are BIG DCL fans - and have cruised with them 3 times - all 3 times on the Disney Magic!

This trip was to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, and our son Nick's High School Graduation - it was an AMAZING 14 night Adventure in the Mediterranean - to say we had an AWESOME TIME - would be an understatement !!

Well - these photos and layouts brought a smile to my face - so I thought I'd share them with you - I hope they inspire you to CREATE SOMETHING THIS WEEKEND!  Go ahead - and take a little time FOR YOU!  YOU Deserve it!!

Thanks for looking - FEEL FREE TO COMMENT - just say HI or let me know what you like best about the layouts  ( besides the HOT Capt Jack Sparrow!! LOL!!)

Can you see the funny look Jack is giving me! LOL!!

They have Pirate Night on the ship - and I forced my family to "Dress UP" like Pirates! As you can see in this picture and those that follow - Jake - my youngest son on the far right - was NOT happy to say the least - look - his eye patch is flipped up too!  Oh - the Pirate Map is from the dinner menu, and so are the elements on the left - that I connected with black brads, kind of like  a map to find the treasure!

Here is a close up of the Pin in the upper right corner of the layout above. If you look closely - you can see I was wearing it on my dress that night.  Instead of letting it sit in a jewelry box - never to be seen again - I decided to snip off the back, and add it to this layout. LOVE IT!!

YES!!  - I WILL scrap just about anything - and THAT IS the Eye Patch and Beard that my son Nick wore in the photo - and stuck to the top of the page - along with another piece of the Dinner Menu!

Here is a Close up of the Eye Patch and Beard - seems like the 2 pirates on the left are having more fun than the 2 pirates on the right?? LOL!!

Oh LOOK!  More "HAPPY" Pirates in the top left photo!! ( That is why I stamped "SMILE" in the open circles!)  The Skull and Crossbones is a magnet that we had on our stateroom door, and the photo on the top Right is a picture of the GIANT "DUMBOTRON" screen that they have outside on the top/pool deck of the MAGIC!

I LOVE this Layout - ( and NO - not just because it has the WONDERFUL Capt Jack on it!) Phil and the boys were sitting by one of the big circle windows on the ship, while on our way to dinner, the hallway was not wide enough for me to get a head on shot of both their "tops and bottoms" in one, so I took 2 pictures and scrapped them one on top of the other! All in All we really had a FUN PIRATE NIGHT on this WONDERFUL Vacation - I am SO HAPPY I have all the photos and memories to cherish forever!

Thanks for looking!  Let me know which layout is your favorite - I'd love to hear from you!

(( HUGS)) ~ Sherri