Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fancy Pants "Beach Bum" 2 page Layout from "Day at the Beach" ALL DAY Class at THE DOO!

I am SO EXCITED to be able to share with you, the photos and instructions for the 2 Page Layout / Technique Class that I taught as part of an ALL DAY EVENT at SCRAP-A-DOODLE DOO, in Ramsey, NJ this past Saturday.  I really had a blast helping people to stretch outside of their "box" and comfort zone!  The 11 attendees did an AWESOME JOB!  Everyone had a great time! 

*** SAVE THE DATE - and CALL THE STORE ASAP - for our FALL FESTIVAL ALL DAY CLASS -featuring 3 AWESOME PROJECTS - Anna will be making an ALTERED ITEM, Adina will be designing a 2 PAGE LAYOUT, and I will be making a MINI ALBUM .... I'm thinking a Paper Bag Album!!  ALL with a FALL theme!! *** CALL THE STORE FOR MORE INFO and to RESERVE YOUR SEAT ASAP!! 
Scrap-a-Doodle Doo
37-C Swan Street
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446
Phone: 201.818.7060

SO... without further ado .... I'd like to share the layout and instructions with you - and would LOVE to hear you comments - and see some of your work - if you decide to give these techniques a try!

Here is the layout:

2 page Layout Featuring Fancy Pants BEACH BUM, and photos from Topsail Island, NC!

LEFT Layout

RIGHT Layout

Left Layout - bottom left corner

LEFT Layout - top RIGHT corner

RIGHT Layout - top left corner

I used the FANCY PANTS "Beach Bum" line to create this FUN SUMMER layered layout -

Here are the "ingredients" : (1) HAMMOCK (Plaid Base/LEFT), (1) PIPELINE (waves), (1) STRIPES, (1) MARINA (Tree Base/RIGHT), (1/2pc) SAIL (yellow/orange), (1) FESTIVE (orange cardstock), (1) PARAKEET (green cardstock) - DMC Embroidery Floss for Sewing, Embroidery needle, SEW EASY tool for paper piercing/pre-sewing, Ranger Peeled Paint DISTRESS STAIN, for edge distressing / inking, Fancy Pants "Beach Bum" Chipboard elements that were GLAZED with Royal Coat Dimensional Glaze, adhesive and 3-D Pop Dots.

INSTRUCTIONS:Bazzill Cardstock PHOTO MATS: FESTIVE (Orange) (2) 4”x6”, (1)4 ¼”x 6 ¼”, (1) 4x4”\ Parakeet (Green) (2) 4 ¼ x 6 ¼ “,(1) 4x6”, (1) 3 ¾ x 3 ¾”, * YOU will also have (1) 4” x 4” mat left from the green dot paper. EDGE DISTRESS ALL MATS and INK with Peeled Paint Distress Stain.

This 2 page layout is full of LOTS of WATER DISTRESSING - I learned this technique from my VERY TALENTED friend NATASHA. Please check out the amazing art on her BLOG - you can also view her TUTORIAL on WATER DISTRESSING and so much more!  ( Thanks Natasha!)


Hammock/Plaid is your LEFT Base. At the top right corner @ 2 1/2" in from the rt. edge, run a WET Q-Tip down @ 2 1/2" - Gently TEAR along that line -fold back and INK with Ranger Peeled Paint DISTRESS STAIN. Take the PIPELINE (waves) paper and follow the wave design with a Q-Tip WET with WATER - repeat over and over and gently tear along the wet "line." INK all edges with Ranger Peeled Paint DISTRESS STAIN. Use a Q-Tip & water along all the edges and FOLD/SCRUNCH/PINCH all of the other edges - folding back so the polka-dots show. Set aside to dry. * KEEP all of your SCRAPS. (You will use the polka dot side elsewhere!)

TAKE THE STRIPES sheet and CUT OUT the mini stripes with the orange Beach Bum TOGETHER in one piece. Cut out the Green “BEACH/CHILLIN” along with the WAVES Stripe and orange. Cut out the ENDLESS SUMMER with the polka dots - Edge Distress and INK the edges of ENDLESS SUMMER. EDGE Distress and INK the bottom green part of the wave stripe. Use the WET Q-Tip along the waves and orange section of the stripe - gently tear, and INK all edges - folding and crinkling to show the green underside. Set aside to dry.

RIGHT LAYOUT: Base is MARINE ( Palm Tree on Rt.). Make 2 Double Photo Mats with remaining Orange and Green Cardstock. Edge Distress and INK the edges of the 12 x 6” pc of “SAIL” –THEN “WET” Distress all 4 sides – CRINKLE and FOLD up the bottom left side as well as use the wet Q-Tip to make a “hole” or tear somewhere on the mid to upper right side of that piece. Ink and fold back ALL edges and then when DRY, back the “hole” with Green Dot Paper that has been torn and inked. Take a piece of the remaining Green Dot paper and Edge Distress/Water Distress/INK crumple it for an added embellishment in the lower right corner. CUT OUT the “Pennants” from the STRIPES page.


Assembly: GLUE small piece of Green Dot paper behind tear in upper right corner. ADD Distressed PIPELINE/wave paper on the bottom of the page – allowing plaid to show around edges, and ONLY gluing the sides and bottom –leave the center unglued to slip photos under. Layer Wave stripe on an angle starting at the bottom left corner and angling up on the right, and then crisscross it with the Orange Beach Bum stripe in the opposite direction. POP DOT “Endless Summer” in the upper left corner. ADD the 3 Photo Mats as shown, sliding some of the 2 double mats under the Wave Paper.

SEWING: LEFT LAYOUT – use ORANGE DMC FLOSS. First - Run the SEW EASY TOOL down the left side of the page, also around the top right tear, and a little on the corner of the WAVE paper on the middle right side to “tack” it down. You can add extra holes with your needle if you would like closer stitching.  RIGHT LAYOUT  - run the SEW EASY TOOL down the left side of the page - and also to "tack" down the piece of green dot paper you adhered to the bottom right corner - SEW these 2 lines with a BLUE DMC floss.

Adhere the GLAZED Chipboard Elements – you can pop-dot some of them if you’d like..
Adhere the cut out banner/flags with pop dots too!

I hope you create a fantastic layout - if you don't have these papers or elements - try these cool techniques with any papers on your next layout!  I am SURE it will be AWESOME!

ENJOY! HAVE FUN -- it's only paper!!


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