Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a great day!

Not only was today a beautiful day weather wise - it was a WONDERFUL day spent with friends, in NYC!

We had tickets to see the new Nate Berkus Show and left NJ at 6:30am - YES - everyone was ready and on time! WOo HOo!!  We got into the city by @ 7:20am and waited on line until they let us into the "holding area" at @ 8:30am. 

We met Bruce Harris - who will be producing a new play at the Lyceum Theater that is opening on Oct 7th,
and Dena Blizzard who warmed up the audience was so funny!  http://www.onefunnymother.com/blog/

I'll post more about our day another time - as I am dragging now from getting up at 4:45am! and need to go to bed - but before I do - I wanted to post this GREAT picture of my FABULOUS friends and I.  It was taken at Portraitbug in NYC - YES - it is a scrapbook store - and NO we couldn't resist!

Stephanie, Me, Marianne, Norma~aka. Mama Doodle!
Didn't it come out great!!!  - AND YES - It WILL be scrapped!