Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Crack!

OK  - this is an easy, simple recipe - which is a good thing, since once you make one batch - you'll be making another in no time - so maybe just do what I do, and double it from the start!

I named it "Christmas Crack" because...

1. It is Addicting - like crack!
2. That is what you do to it!
3. You can only make it once a year because it is FAR from no-cal and you may just eat it ALL!  LOL!

So - now that you have been properly forewarned -

Here is the single recipe:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

35 Saltine Crackers ( I use the regular ones with the salt on the tops)
1 Cup Butter ( 2 sticks)
1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar (packed)
2 Cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (1 Bag)
3/4 C Chopped Nuts - I used Walnuts - you can use Pecans too
Red & Green colored sugar

Line a jelly roll pan ( aka -cookie sheet with edges ) with NON-STICK aluminum foil ( I used a large pan -so I used 2 pieces of foil that I folded /sealed where they joined across the middle (shorter length of the pan)  * Make sure you cover those little sides of the pan too - it will make this much easier in the end!

The recipe calls for 35 Saltines - well - I use bigger pans - and mine fit about 43 crackers -
FYI *** Did you know that Saltines are NOT perfectly square - AND that it makes a difference which direction you lay them in, so you can fit them edge to edge. Hmm - ya learn something new everyday!

SO - cover the foil pan with a single layer of Saltines - however many fit - edge to edge - if you have to break a few to make them fit - then go ahead and do it!

Next in a saucepan - bring the 1C Butter and 1C Brown sugar to a BOIL ( stop stirring once it starts to boil) Let the mixture bubble and boil for 3 minutes - DON'T LEAVE THE STOVE at this point -make sure it doesn't BOIL OVER!

Immediately POUR the bubbling sweetness OVER the Saltines - spread it out as evenly as possible with a spatula.  ( DON'T LIKE THE SPATULA - you WILL BURN your tongue - TRUST ME!)

Put the tray in the oven and BAKE for 5 - 6 minutes - It should all be a tray of bubbly gooey goodness before you take it out.

Immediately and EVENLY - sprinkle the bag of Chocolate Chips over the crackers.

Wait 3 - 4  minutes then EVENLY spread the melty chocolate goodness from edge to edge.

Quickly sprinkle the chopped nuts, and then a little of the RED and GREEN sugar sprinkles if desired.

Cool for @ 30 mins on wire racks - then transfer to the pan to the refrigerator to cool completely.

Once cold and set - peel off of foil and BREAK - OKAY - CRACK it into small pieces.  KEEP IN A COOL PLACE.

Betcha can't eat just one!  ENJOY!! ~ Sherri