Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Packing for the Candyland Crop weekend!

Well - there are only 2 more SLEEPS to count, until it is time to spend the weekend with all my Scrappy Friends at Scrap-a-Doodle Doo's CANDYLAND Theme Weekend Crop!  There are OVER 90 of us attending this event, and I am even teaching a class too!  I can't wait!!

Every crop - I promise myself that I am NOT going to bring so much scrap stuff - BUT try as hard as I might - things never work out that way - and I end up ALWAYS being a member of the "OPC!"

What the heck is the "OPC" you ask? - well - My friend Pattie introduced me to this special organization, which many of you probably belong to, and don't even realize it - you see those letters stand for "Over Packers Club" and YES I AM PROUD TO ADMIT - I AM AND it seems like I ALWAYS will be a HAPPY CARD CARRYING MEMBER! LOL!!

I have about 10 projects packed - plus a good part of my embellishments, tools, all my Glimmer Mists (hey - can't leave home without them!) my Cricut too - (I SWEAR I am going to use it this time!!!)  Plus who knows what else - as I never know what I'll feel like doing/creating - so there was lots of "just in case" packing going on!

The Challenging part for this crop -was where to "stage" or hold all the crafty goodies until I am ready to load them in the car.  This never was an issue before when our precious Lily was around - she was truly a Princess and NEVER touched anything that wasn't hers or that she wasn't supposed to..... BUT - Little Miss Maggie - the little 14 week old fur ball that we have now is a WHOLE  "nother story!!  LOL!

So - where to put all that Scrap Crap until it is time to pack the car for the weekend - so that it didn't have little teeth marks on it? 

I came up with a solution......Please - just don't let anyone turn on the water!! 

Yes, that is our big Raspberry Jacuzzi Tub - circa 1991  - Hey atleast it is getting some use and Maggie is too little to jump over the side!  Oh - and that is about half of the "stuff" I'm bringing - so if you are going to the crop - and if you forgot something - please see me - I'll probably have it with me! LOL!

Hmm.... maybe I should start to think about - and pack some clothes next!

Please leave a comment and let me know you PROUD to belong to the OPC too!