Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrapbook friends are the BEST!

I was blessed and am grateful that I was able to spend a weekend away with my Scrapbook Buddies, or "Peeps" as we call ourselves!

The event was hosted by our favorite LSS  Scrap-a-Doodle Doo in Ramsey, NJ - and OH MY GOODNESS - I just realized something - I thought our little group would refer to each other as our "Peeps" for "people" when we were counting the "sleeps" until we would get together to scrap again ...

BUT -  now I am I the only one? or the last one? to realize how fitting it is for us to be PEEPS -when the logo and mascot for Scrap-a-Doodle Doo is a CHICKEN - well OK - a ROOSTER!! -

Sooo.... I guess we are all really "Official Doodle DOO Peeps!" LOL!! 

Well - not only did I have and AMAZING TIME - I was LUCKY to come home to a WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!!

My on-line scrapbook friend the UBER TALENTED  LIZ HICKS sent me a BOX filled with Mixed Media GOODNESS!  THANK YOU LIZ!!

** Please kindly tilt your head to the RIGHT to get a good view of all the goodness - I can't figure out how to flip it, and am getting frustrated trying !LOL!!  (YES - that is Glimmer Mist, and Smooch, 3L Scrapbook Adhesive, Art C products and lots of Mixed Media GOODNESS!! So very YUMMY!  I can't wait to PLAY with all of it!

Liz is an independent contractor in the Scrapbook and Craft Industry and works with SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVE BY 3L as their Creative Director. She has an AWESOME BLOG, and while visiting it, I "liked" a new company she recommended FACEBOOK and checked out their Vintage Street Market BLOG   - you should click on the links and LIKE them too!

Then, all I did was leave a comment last month on a WONDERFUL POST that she wrote on her Blog, and she selected me for this great prize!

I hope Liz does not mind - but I would like to quote to you the WONDERFUL words that she wrote and posted which caused me to comment - as they are so beautiful and true -

"We all need each other. We can not do everything all on our own. And although there may be times that we do not see eye to eye, or that the giving and needs may be lopsided... never the less, we all need each other. We strive to find people that are like minded, share our same goals, thoughts and dreams. If we are lucky... we find people that want to help us reach our dreams. If we are not so lucky... we find people that want to take our dreams. Either way, we have control over who we let in and who we take out. NEVER FORGET THIS. It is a tough lesson sometimes... I know this all to well. I have learned to put up my boundaries and protect myself through the years. But even when I am sad or hurt by someone who has wronged me... I never give up hope that out there in this world, maybe 5 minutes from my house or maybe in a totally different state or country... there are like minded people. People that want the best for you and will stop at nothing to see you through your dreams. And if your lucky... you can help them capture their dreams too. I think that excites me most... knowing that I can be a part of someones dreams... help them succeed. There is no greater joy than being a part of someones success, especially knowing that there are so many out there counting on their failure.

We do. We need each other. We need to be cheerleaders for each other, push each other forth into their promised futures. Scream at the mountain tops how AWESOME THE PERSON NEXT YOU IS!!!!

LOVE ONE ANOTHER... isn't that what life is all about?" ~ Liz Hicks  ( you can read the entire post and listen to some cool music too by clicking HERE

I hope you have good friends, or someone who cheers you on!  Remember to be a cheerleader for others - and  for yourself too - as you are the most important person there is - and need to believe in yourself - because if you do - others will too - they just can't help it!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sneak Peek -Upcoming EXPOLSION BOX Class!

Hi Everyone!  I just have to share a Sneak Peek of an upcoming class that I will be teaching.

I used the Fancy Pants "It's Your Day" Collection to make this adorable BIRTHDAY EXPLOSION BOX!  I threw in some Close To My Heart Stamping, one of CTMH's gorgeous new buttons, used the new Tim Holtz Paper Rosette die ( Rosettes are HOT and soo TRENDY right now!) and made some "faux candles" too!

I'll be holding a "mini class" next weekend at Scrap-a-Doodle Doo's "New York - New York" Crop Weekend Get-away, at the Dolce IBM Center Hotel, and then will be offering the same class on February 26th at Scrap-a-Doodle Doo -too!  Click here for details and to reserve your seat!
Class at Scrap-a-Doodle Doo Info

Lovin' how this project came out!  Hope you do too!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Missing in Action - blame some of it on Walt Disney World!

Well, it has been awhile since I've posted on my blog!  I've had a month full of all good things, and have been crazy busy, as most everyone else in the world has been!  First preparing for the Christmas Holiday, at the end of last month, and then a wonderful week's vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida, to celebrate my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

We were supposed to depart at 7am on Monday, December 27th, and went to bed on Friday night, December 24th, with a news report that there was a possible snow storm expected to hit the NY / NJ area the afternoon of Dec 27th.  Well, all of that changed and got progressively worse as Christmas Day wore on - and we ended up getting the LAST 10 seats on a flight out of NJ one day earlier, Sunday Dec 26th, at 2:30pm.  Well - you could certainly say we got VERY LUCKY -BUT it was now @ 4pm on Dec 25th, and NONE of the 10 of us going had anything packed!! We had planned to do that on Sunday, since we were departing on Monday!

The storm forecast became a Blizzard Warning when we woke up on Sunday, and it felt like we were in the witness protection program, throwing things into suitcases and hoping we didn't forget anything!  ( yes, I did neglect to pack 4 of my hubby's long sleeve shirts!)
The big van picked us up at 11:30am and the first flakes started to fall!  We got to the airport in no time - checked in and our flight was on schedule!  ( the flight before and after ours had been canceled!)  We boarded on time - but sat in the airplane for about an hour waiting our turn to take off and we were de-iced twice - this did not make my hubby or sister-in-law very happy - let's just say they are not "fans" of flying - and leave it at that!

So - we were LUCKY to safely escape NJ, and arrived in CHILLY Florida - ( it was in the 30's the first few days!) and enjoyed a WONDERFUL week together to celebrate Mom and Dad's ( aka Meem and Pop's) 50th Anniversary!!

WE are so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have been able to take this trip and spend this time together, all expenses paid by our wonderful parents / grandparents!  Although Disney was CROWDED ( to put it mildly!) we were able to have fun, laugh and scream on rides, enjoy delicious meals, and play games together!

Here are a few pics of our trip:

My brother Jack, Sister-in-law Laura, Hubby Phil, Me, Nephew Harrison, Meem, Nephew Zach, Pop, Son Jake, Son Nick

This is the cake I ordered from the Disney pastry chef at BOMA in the Animal Kingdom Lodge to surprise my parents!
It was Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Mousse filling, Chocolate Ganache Icing, covered in White Fondant with GOLD Mickeys!

Cinderella's Castle at night  - just beautiful!

"Santa" brought me an Nikon D3100 SLR for Chirstmas - so I had fun snapping pictures of our trip!
I am going to a weekend crop at the end of the month, and can't wait to scrap them!