Sunday, April 18, 2010

WOW! What a blast!

I had such a great time yesterday being interviewed by 2 great documentarians. Justin, the original photographer, was not able to get out of London due to flight cancelations from the volcano. He sent me an email on Friday night and told me not to worry, he would send his New York film crew!

Saturday morning, I received a call from Morgan ( must have been a countryman of Justin's - same "luvly" accent! ) while I was sitting in the hair salon, getting my "doo" done. He told me that he was excited to meet me and hear my story - and he would meet me at Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo at around 2pm.

Let me tell you - Morgan and Chris were SUPER!
After a little craziness "setting up the shoot" ( Morgan wanted desk lamps to create a different, softer lighting - and Stephanie graciously "ran" home and grab all the lamps she could carry back to the store!) the FUN began!

Chris was a real professional - ( he has worked with Michael Moore in the past) and he made me feel so comfortable. It was like telling my "story" to a good friend. It was so great to meet him.

Morgan was the detail guy - with close-ups and "action" shots - fun!

I put on my typical MOM hat though and asked Chris about any internships or connections for my son Nick, who is a Mass Comm. Major, in his Junior year at Franklin Pierce in Rindge, NH! He gave me some tips and pointers for him and said he'd keep him in mind. I can only hope that one day Nick will be able to do what he loves to do for a living - and makes other people feel as relaxed and at ease as I did with Chris.

I have to THANK my great friends from Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo for allowing the "shoot" to take place in the store - it was LOTS of fun and very helpful having them there.

I can only hope that the 2 minutes of the 4 hours of film that they took will someday end up on the Cheerio's website, and not on a cutting room floor. I really had a blast - and hope that the video does get "out there" so that I can share my passion of creating and honoring my memories and pictures with others!

When I hear anything about my "possible 2 minutes of fame" being available for your viewing pleasure - I'll be sure to post the link!