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Snowman Tic Tac Holder -INSTRUCTIONS!

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So I've noticed that there have been A LOT of hits on my old Snowman Tic Tac Holder post - and I realize there are no Instructions included!!!

This was one of the first classes that I ever taught - and it really is a cute idea -a perfect little "somethin' - somethin'" for the Holidays!  SOOO  I dug through my "archives" LOL! - and found the info to share!

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So - here you go....

SNOWMAN KISSES TIC TAC HOLDER    I used a stamp set from Close To My Heart (my website is )  They are no longer available - but I am sure you can use any snowman stamp that has a nice round belly!

TO make The Cover:

**Cut 1 piece of card stock 1  3/4”x 2 ¾” and set aside ( snowman panel)

Cut 1 piece of card stock 4 1/2" x 3".
Cut 1 piece of patterned paper 4 1/2" x 3"
Score each of these piece 2" from the left edge, and 2" from the right edge (you will have a 1/2" spine in the center of each piece of paper).

Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon about 14" long and glue it down to the center of the back of the patterned paper (side to side - opposite direction of scored spine).

Glue the patterned paper to the cardstock – the ribbon will be sandwiched between them.

Decorate the snowman panel ( 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" piece of cardstock) ; stamp the snowman, and color in and add Prisma Glitter ink the edges -etc...

Punch out the snowman's belly  with a circle punch. Position on the cover and punch the same hole on the cover .

Stamp or write "to" and "from" inside the cover on the left hand side and stamp a few snowflakes there and on the poem too.

The Tic Tac Container:

**Peel the label off the container front, top and back. (OPTIONAL!!!)

**Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to remove the stamped date. (OPTIONAL!!!)

**Print the Snowman kisses poem either on cardstock or computer paper and adhere it to the Tic Tac box.

**Adhere the Tic Tac box to the cover with a glue dot, or double sided adhesive.

Here is the poem to include - I just printed it out on cardstock and stuck it to the Tic Tac box.

Snowman Kisses
He’s cute, cuddly
and full of good wishes.
He wants to give you
these snowman kisses!

Here are some extra photos.   Hope you have fun!  REMEMBER THE DEAL THOUGH - Please leave a comment and FOLLOW ME - and don't forget to SHARE the Scrappy LOVE!



  1. Love this idea! Great little craft to add to gift cards for teachers, co-workers, etc...
    Thanks Sher!

  2. WOW!! 42 page views so far - and only 1 comment :o( ( Thanks for yours Amanda!)

    OH - I forgot - I used a corner rounder on the corners as shown in the photo - but that is up to you.

    Have fun crafting! ~ Sherri

  3. WOW - up to 72 PAGE VIEWS so far on this post! I hope you all enjoy it and are inspired to make this little treat!

    Since THANKSGIVING is right around the corner - I'd be THANKFUL if some more of you left me a post to say HI !

    REMEMBER -that was "the Deal" - I share - you say HI !!


  4. Thanks For Sharing.... What a Super Idea. A craft I can enjoy doing with my children. Only wish the clipart etc was printable...

    HaPpy Holidays!!
    JC ~ Toronto, Ontario

  5. Thanks for your comment JC!!!! - Happy Holidays to you too! FYI - the clip art is from a Close to My Heart Stamp set - that is no longer available. I would think any small snowman stamp with a round belly would work - you could even draw one and copy it -if you are going to make more than one! - ALL THE BEST! Sherri

  6. Wow! Over 100 hits (and only 2 comments!) I hope all of you really like this mini project, and that lots of people out there enjoy the Snowman kisses you make and give away! So happy I could share! Would love to hear what you are doing with yours!

  7. It seems like lots of people from all over the world will making and giving out Tic Tacs this season! Feel free to post comments and links showing photos of your creations!!! Lots of fresh breath out there!

  8. WOWZER!! I CAN'T BELIEVE there are 198 hits on this post so far!! He is a cute little snowman isn't he!!! ENJOY!!

  9. Seriously folks - 261 page views on this post - and only 2 of the 8 (now 9) comments are from someone other than me??? I guess no one likes this idea, or maybe you are all too busy making Snowman Tic Tac holders!! LOL!! Well - I hope some of you like it!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  10. lol I think everyone is forgetting the comments because they are running to make them! They are so stinking cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. LOL Amelia! That could be it! Thanks for taking the time and for stopping by! Have fun making them and Happy Holidays to you!

  12. So cute...saw a version of these on Pinterest, but I like yours better. Running up to my craftroom now to see if I have a snowman stamp that will work. Thanks for posting instructions. And love your music, too :)

  13. Thanks for the comment and kindness Anonymous! Hope you found your snowman stamp! Wouldn't these be cute with a heart stamp and cinnamon Tic Tacs for Valentines Day too! :-)

  14. Thanks for taking the time to share this! Going to try to make some today. Wish me luck! :)

  15. Hi ML - Sorry - I just saw your comment - thanks! I hope you had good luck and fun making these! You are most welcome too!

  16. WOW - I can't believe as of today, Feb 22, 2012 this post has had..... drumroll please.......
    453 page views! WOWZER -there must be LOTS of FRESH BREATH out there!

  17. Hello!
    Thanks so much for providing the instructions to this cute tic tac holder!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  18. Thank you so much for this guide, it's going to be very handy.

  19. WOW Ladies -thanks for the new comments - I am glad you found my blog - and grateful for the kind words!! There have been 2821 hits on this post to date - and 1024 of them were from this month (Oct 14 - Nov 14th 2012) alone!!!! ** If you've found yourself here - Please take a minute to say HI - and kindly let us all know where you are from - and I'd LOVE to know how you found my blog and this post too! Please become a follower - and I'll try to post more creative ideas for you in the future! THANKS AGAIN! (( HUGS)) Sherri

  20. Just found your blog through an image on Google :) Thank You for the measurements. I am going to make some of these little cuties for a Fundraising Market here in Dublin on 15th December. My daughter, Jennifer, is going away with 'Habitat for Humanity' as Team 10 Leader - see 'Building the Wesley Way' on Face Book. Think these little novelties will sell well, along with all the other hand crafted things we will have. I will try to send you a photo when I have them made. Just become a follower :)

  21. Averil - so glad I could help - I hope your daughter Jennifer was able to reach her fundraising goals! I'll check out that facebook page and hope you added a photo! This post has had OVER 5000 hits so far!! WOW!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Thanks for stopping by!

  22. This is darling! I saw another on Pinterest but the poem was "Snowman Poop" Yuk! My friend told me she had seen your blog, so I came looking. I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Such a cute lil' snowman I'm going to make them for Share a Card this year thanks for sharing.

  24. Hi - checking out your blog from California! Thanks for sharing your cute project and tutorial!

  25. This is a great idea for table Thanks!

  26. Thank you so much for the pattern/idea. I am going to make them for Thanksgiving. Use them as a table gift to start the Christmas season with a cheer. Great fun! Thank you

  27. Wow these are so cute, I love them

  28. I teach an Arts and Crafts class at our church. I was looking for something to do for Christmas and came across your snowman poop tic-tac. I love it! And the class will love making them. Thanks for sharing!

  29. So happy to see this little craft is still making people H A P P Y ! Thanks everyone for taking the time to post a comment, and have fun making these little cuties! I am sure they will bring smiles to many faces :-)

  30. Love it. Definitely going to use this, this year. Thanks for sharing. South Carolina

  31. Thanks for sharing, snowman kisses, I will enjoy making these.

  32. I was looking for this - thank you for posting the measurements and the poem. My name is Yvonne and I am from Virginia. :)

    1. You are MOST WELCOME! Thanks for leaving a comment! ENJOY!!

  33. Love this, thanks for posting instructions

  34. Thanks for sharing this holder and instructions. My Grandkids are going to love this.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this Tic Tac holder.


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