Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snowman Tic Tac Holder -INSTRUCTIONS!

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So I've noticed that there have been A LOT of hits on my old Snowman Tic Tac Holder post - and I realize there are no Instructions included!!!

This was one of the first classes that I ever taught - and it really is a cute idea -a perfect little "somethin' - somethin'" for the Holidays!  SOOO  I dug through my "archives" LOL! - and found the info to share!

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So - here you go....

SNOWMAN KISSES TIC TAC HOLDER    I used a stamp set from Close To My Heart (my website is )  They are no longer available - but I am sure you can use any snowman stamp that has a nice round belly!

TO make The Cover:

**Cut 1 piece of card stock 1  3/4”x 2 ¾” and set aside ( snowman panel)

Cut 1 piece of card stock 4 1/2" x 3".
Cut 1 piece of patterned paper 4 1/2" x 3"
Score each of these piece 2" from the left edge, and 2" from the right edge (you will have a 1/2" spine in the center of each piece of paper).

Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon about 14" long and glue it down to the center of the back of the patterned paper (side to side - opposite direction of scored spine).

Glue the patterned paper to the cardstock – the ribbon will be sandwiched between them.

Decorate the snowman panel ( 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" piece of cardstock) ; stamp the snowman, and color in and add Prisma Glitter ink the edges -etc...

Punch out the snowman's belly  with a circle punch. Position on the cover and punch the same hole on the cover .

Stamp or write "to" and "from" inside the cover on the left hand side and stamp a few snowflakes there and on the poem too.

The Tic Tac Container:

**Peel the label off the container front, top and back. (OPTIONAL!!!)

**Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to remove the stamped date. (OPTIONAL!!!)

**Print the Snowman kisses poem either on cardstock or computer paper and adhere it to the Tic Tac box.

**Adhere the Tic Tac box to the cover with a glue dot, or double sided adhesive.

Here is the poem to include - I just printed it out on cardstock and stuck it to the Tic Tac box.

Snowman Kisses
He’s cute, cuddly
and full of good wishes.
He wants to give you
these snowman kisses!

Here are some extra photos.   Hope you have fun!  REMEMBER THE DEAL THOUGH - Please leave a comment and FOLLOW ME - and don't forget to SHARE the Scrappy LOVE!


Our Beautiful Princess

After a 6 month battle Our Beautiful Princess Water Lily lost her fight against TCC/Bladder Cancer at 4am on Saturday morning, November 12th, 2011.

I am grateful my husband and I were able to find the strength to give her the peace she deserved. It was one of the worst nights and hardest decisions we ever had to make.

We have been trying so hard to keep her with us as long as possible, as the 11.5 yrs we had with her were certainly NOT enough. She was a real trouper through 6 chemo treatments, many medicines and numerous trips to the vet.

It is so hard to loose a piece of our HEARTS. ♥

Today we are together remembering the wonderful addition she was in our lives.
Here is a layout I made a while ago, documenting her love of Ice Cream.

She enjoyed this cone while on vacation in Top Sail Island, NC. ( We tried to take her on vacation with us whenever we could. She was a well traveled dog, and besides vacationing in NC, she has visited Boston, MA and Pigeon Forge, TN too!)

Rest in Peace our beauty girl. You will always have a place in our hearts. Thank you for all the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and LILY KISSES you always gave so freely. You were always there when we needed you and there will be a big hole in our lives without you. ♥