Monday, June 7, 2010

Unexpected Finds!

I was blessed to be able to spend a wonderful early birthday weekend get-a-way with my terrific husband Phil, this past weekend, "down the shore" as we say here in New Jersey!  ( Don't most other people / places say "at the beach?") But not in NJ  - we go down the shore - where we have to PAY to get our toes in the sand and in the water??? It has been awhile since I've been to the Jersey shore, and I knew you had to pay to get on -but $7.00 per person/per day?? Does anywhere else in the WORLD charge you to go on the beach and in the ocean???  Just seems strange!

Anyway - we stayed at this cute B&B in Ocean Grove, NJ - our first time ever there.  Well - I read there was a Flea Market schedule for the weekend after we booked our trip - and thought -when we get there, I'll ask the Inn owner where it will be on Saturday.

Much to our surprise - when we arrived at the Inn on Friday  - there were no parking signs in front, and we were only able to unload - but then found a place at the back of the bldg to park.  The Innkeeper told us - that was because the Flea Market would be setting up beginning at 4am the next morning - right across the street from the Inn!

Here are what the grounds across the street from the Inn looked like on Friday -

And here is what we saw when we got up and enjoyed breakfast on the 2nd floor porch -

And - that is just 1/2 of it!  It went on like that - if not more so - up the street to the left of this picture too!
It was funny to see people eating sausage and pepper sandwiches at 9am!

How convenient for us to shop, bring our "loot" back to the Inn, have a cool drink, take a break in the rockers on the shady porch of the Inn, go out shopping again, pick up a fresh squeezed Lemonade and a  Gyro and Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings from a vendor for lunch, bring it back to the porch and eat it while others had to walk around juggling their food and finds! 
Then we went back out for more bargains - like these  -

I am looking forward to doing "something" with the antique printers / typeset tray, I don't know what - but I promise to post whatever I come up with.  They guy had 3 big trays and 2 small ones - and since we were so close - I went back and "made him a deal" towards 3pm - when he was starting to pack up -and ended up taking all 5 of them off his hands by the end of the day!  (Once I posted the pic on Facebook with my "find" my scrapbook friend Lyn asked me to pick one up for here if there were any left - so when I went back - I just bought them all - as "you never know" when you'll see/find them again!! - that's what I told my hubby anyway!)

And I had to buy the other piece - even though the stitched saying isn't old - just made to look that way -
the frame is old, and I really LOVE and Believe in the saying:
Be Gracious
Help the Unfortunate
Be Kind
Open Your Heart Freely
Never Speak Mean
Be Humble
And Most Important
Love one Another

All in all - it was a great weekend get-a-way - and some much needed couple time - we are blessed to have such wonderful and trustworthy sons, to be able to go away and leave a 21 and 15 yr old home "alone" (but with Grandma and Grandpa right next door - LOL!)  Lots of shopping, walking, talking, and hand holding - it is great to be able to get to re-connect in this busy and sometimes crazy life we lead.
I am very very grateful!

This week promises to be a busy, but fun one!  I have meeting for Project Graduation -tomorrow at lunch, and Wednesday night after work - Physical Therapy on Thursday, and then I am looking forward to 2 private crops at " MY FAVORITE " local Scrapbook Store - Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo, in Ramsey, NJ, on Friday night ( thanks Joanie!) and I'll be back there on Saturday with some of my other scrap-buddies too (you know who you are! LOL!!!)  Looking to get lots done and samples for 2 more classes ( I hope!)

Stay tuned......

Thanks for reading,