Monday, June 14, 2010

How did this happen???

Well - today is my Birthday - and I am 49!  How did that happen?? 

It seems like yesterday I was playing kick ball on my "first date" with my husband   ( when I was 15!) 

Thirty-one years ago today  - on my Birthday - Phil and I went to my High School Prom - I can still smell the beautiful sweet scent of the Gardenia wristlet he gave me! - it is still my favorite flower and scent.

21 years ago this past March - our son Nick was born - ( I was 21 when I got married!)

16 years ago this coming September - our son Jake will be 16 - ( he is about the same age I was when I met my husband!)

ALL I CAN SAY IS..... Time sure flies when you are having FUN!!! - and I sure AM!!

I am BLESSED to have all of my WONDERFUL Family - and BLESSED to have such WONDERFUL Friends! 

I am VERY THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for all the many blessings I have in my life.
If you are reading this - please consider yourself one of them - I do!

49 is just a number - I am thankful to have reached it and look forward to continuing this great journey of life -wherever it leads me!