Sunday, September 2, 2012

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Shooters

Okay - I've teased some of you enough with the close up shot on my Facebook page
DISCLAIMER: These are little plastic cups that I had laying around, that happened to say Starbucks -these have nothing to do with Starbucks or coffee. They were just the right size - and a spoon fit in them nicely.

- So ... here is the post that I promised!

I have this new "addiction"  SALTED CARAMEL!  Well, it is not really all that "new" as it all started back in September 2011, when Hubby and I went to Walt Disney World, and I had my first taste of it at the Karamell-Kuche!  ( Not sure how you pronounce the 2nd word  - but Karamell I know!)
This AMAZING PLACE is located in EPCOT, in the Germany Pavilion  - Don't miss it!!

REALLY! How are you supposed to choose!!!?????

Well, Hubby and I opted for a Bullseye (His) and me (say it with me without drooling) a Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel!! YES!!
Excerpt from Shades of Salty CaramelIt was a hot and hazy day in EPCOT. After making our purchases,  we sat on a bench overlooking the lagoon. I remember taking my first bite and the carmel stretched from my lips to the candy, and then stuck to my chin. I was not ashamed to stick my tongue out and lick my lips and try to reach the sweet sticky caramel I found there.... I savored the little morsel's sweet yet salty goodness by taking my time (about 4 bites) and licking the dark salty chocolate off my fingers in public, in broad daylight!

Okay - now back to your regularly scheduled blog post....

So -I saw this pin on PINTREST and it brought me to a Blog called In Katrina's Kitchen. If you click on the name - you will go there too (check it out - A-mazing stuff!) - but please wait until you are done reading below, as I TWEAKED the "recipe" a little bit  ( THANKS Katrina for the inspiration!) 

Here are the Ingredients I used:

*No-bake cheesecake filling

(I used Philadelphia Brand in the dairy section by the cream cheese)

*Caramel sauce (Smucker's Sundae Syrup)

*Sea Salt ( OOPS!! not in photo - I used Cerulean Seas Course Crystals)

*Crushed Ginger Snap Cookies

*Rolos candy (optional)


1. Crush the cookies in a baggie, (1 per shooter)

2. Spoon cheesecake into a piping bag or large Zip Lock bag, and cut off the tip

3. Spoon just enough cookie crumbs into each cup - just to cover the bottom

4. Drizzle the Caramel Sauce along the sides of the cup, turning as you go, and then on top of the cookie crumbs

5. Sprinkle with a pinch of Sea Salt

6. Add a layer cheesecake, and repeat until you reach the top of your glass/cup -ending with Cheesecake.

7.Garnish with a little more caramel, salt and a Rolos candy (mini) cut in half, if desired.

8.Keep chilled until ready to serve.

I would say you could get at least 20 out of a the container of Cheesecake filling as shown - depending upon the size of your cups.

These are VERY RICH - so and the small size is perfect!  ENJOY!!

Leave me a comment if you try them!

((HUGS)) ~ Sherri