Monday, October 25, 2010

Has turned my frown upside down!

Well.... Sometimes things just don't go the way we plan or hope, and it is easy to get discouraged, and disappointed.

That is how I initially felt when I learned that I was not selected to be on the Tattered Angel's Design Team. OK OK --- I'll be REAL and admit it - I was REALLY - REALLY disappointed.

BUT – I took a deep breath, and remembered that I truly believe that all things happen in life for a reason. I guess there is something BIGGER and BETTER waiting for me out there in the “Scrapworld” SOOO... I'll just have to keep cutting & pasting & misting along until I find IT!! LOL!!

I searched back through some of my BRAVE GIRLS inspirational emails and came up with this one.
( LOVE those BRAVE GIRL messages!  - Sign up to get yours here at The Brave Girls Club Blog  )

I think it fits the feel of today very nicely:

Dear Patient Girl,

You knew when you started on this path towards your goals and your dreams...staying on the pathway that’s meant just for you, that sometimes the road was going to get rough, that things would not always be fun or easy, and that you were willing to sacrifice whatever it took to get there.

So why is it, gorgeous friend, that when things do get tough or boring, or when sacrifice is required...that we somehow forget and think that things must not be going exactly how they are supposed to be going...when we knew when we started that there would surely be days like this.

Don’t let the tough times get you down....they are part of the journey...and they are temporary. Learn what you can while you are in those times....but most of all, be patient...and let yourself remember that you knew this would happen and you knew that you could and would make it....and you will...and you are. It will be worth it.

Have a beautiful week!


I finally get to SHARE the 5 Projects that I made to “try out” for the Tattered Angel’s Design Team WITH YOU!! It was killing me holding back and not sharing all the GLIMMERY GOODNESS!!! ( Each one had to contain 80% Tattered Angel's product)

So – I’ll use those projects to create and share 5 new blog posts - starting with this one…..

Here you go!

I made this layout with photos of my youngest son and his friends from last Halloween. The spider web “frame” was made by taking a piece of off white printed spider web paper – wetting the back of it with water, then spraying the front with PUMPKIN PIE GLIMMER MIST. I then crumbled it all up into a ball, then gently unfolded it. I hit it with the heat gun to dry it, and then used my scissors to cut out the center in a jagged/haphazard pattern. I then brushed some PAPRIKA GLIMMER GLAM on most of the raised creases. I took one of the strips that I cut off the edge of the paper and pleated it as a highlight in the center of the page.

I applied HAUNTED SHADOWS GLIMMER MIST with a paint brush to the purple photo mats – as well as spraying it lightly on the tag and a good coat on the Grungeboard “BOO” and the flourish in the upper left corner. ( I first lightly brushed them with gesso to help the color pop a little too!) I used OIL SLICK GLIMMER GLAZE on the edges of these 2 elements to give them a grungy look and some CHANDELIER GLIMMER GLAM on the Lime Green paper behind the “B” and skulls in BOO!

I sprayed the print paper with MARSHMELLOW Glimmer Mist, and painted some DIRTY MARTINI on the edges of the lime green paper and mats. I mimicked my son’s gory costume by using BE POSITIVE GLIMMER GLAM on the one photo and the top of the tag in a dripping blood pattern. I also coated the tops of plain silver brads with BE POSITIVE GLAM – and LOVE how they turned out! ( one one each corner “holding down” the spiderweb frame and 2 more are holding down the paper “ribbon!”)

I painted a little gesso on one of the frames from Tattered Angel’s Framed Fonts ( here and there!) and sprayed it with LIME TWIST GLIMMER MIST. I lightly bushed it with some DIRTY MARTINI GLIMMER GLAM, and painted the edges with BE POSITIVE GLIMMER GLAM, for the drippy blood look!

I had this cool white packing mesh material that came from the “CONTAINER STORE.” I loved the texture of it, and decided to spray a few pieces with LIME TWIST and PUMPKIN PIE GLIMMER MIST. I also had some cool purple netting ( from a bag of onions!!) and I tucked those in the 2 corners and under one of the photos. ( The photos and embellishments were put down with 3 D foam squares –this helped to make a “pocket” for the Journaling Tag too!

There now - don't you feel lucky!!!
See – now my frown is for sure UPSIDE DOWN!!! :o)

I hope you find inspiration from these projects!