Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very


It was a CRAZY weekend here in NEW JERSEY - we had a HUGE Snow Storm on Saturday - I don't ever remember it snowing in October - and I believe I heard on the news that it has ONLY snowed in Central Park (NYC -@ 25 mins from me) for a total of 4 times, since THE CIVIL WAR!!  So it was kind of  a "FREAK" occurrence - which I guess is a great description around this time of year!

The trees in our area still have their leaves on them - and this made it a very dangerous situation, as they helped to hold onto the heavy wet snow, which caused many many trees and power lines to go down.  Many people - and quite a few of my good scrappy friends are still without power and heat - and I hope it is restored VERY SOON - as it is quite chilly outside.  I heard that over 3 million people were without power at one point!   I personally feel lucky and blessed that we only suffered a few downed tree branches in our yard, while many others were not so lucky.

I did have a great time on Saturday during the storm -as I was lucky enough to be able to spend it at THE DOO with some of my scrappin' buddies!   Throughout the day - many of us had phone calls from home, warning us of the treacherous situation outside - but since we were safe and warm in our favorite Local Scrap Store - we stayed put for most of the day and night - and only ventured out for home - near midnight- when the snow had slowed down somewhat  - and the streets were plowed and less crowded.  I think this was a good decision, although, I must say that the ride home was VERY SCARY !!!  I felt like Alice in WONDERLAND - Kind of like I had arrived in a dark, gloomy and treacherous world that was still hauntingly familiar.  I am so thankful that my 22yr old son was still awake - and was able to "talk" his old Mom home - through streets with VERY LOW hanging tree limbs - not just branches - covered with snow, and a few downed electrical lines - not to mention very few street and traffic lights!!  I was so afraid one of many leaning/hanging trees would come crashing down on my car, and had wished I had taken the longer, highway route home, but am very thankful that I made it home safely.

Well - it wouldn't be a complete post, if I didn't include atleast one photo  ......AND.....
It wouldn't be Halloween, if I didn't dress up - or put on some kind of a costume!!  I am usually the only one in my office who does - and they are use to my strangeness by now - so here you go!

Green Hair, Halloween Eyelashes, orange jewelry and my Halloween jacket -  BOO!!

I hope I didn't scare you all too much!! LOL!!  SO that was my TRICK - now here is a TREAT - check out these AWESOME Cupcakes made by my LOVELY Niece Danielle - (who is simply AMAZING!)

MUMMY Cupcakes!!

The Skeletons are made out of white chocolate covered pretzels -with Marshmellow heads!!

HAPPY HAUNTING - I hope you ALL get lots of candy!!

TWIX Bars are my favorites-  What's yours?  Leave me a comment - I'd love to know and appreciate the suggestions!! LOL!

Be safe and warm,