Monday, April 18, 2011

Button, Button, who's got the Button?

Well, I really really tried to play with my friends over at THE DOLLHOUSE ie: the DESIGN DOLLIES BLOG in this month's element's challenge - BUT - I missed the deadline by ONE DAY !  

But ALL is NOT LOST - I still get to share this cute Layout with you!

The challenge was to do a layout or card  with AT LEAST 7 Buttons - so this would have been my entry.  Please allow me to share it with you.

We were fortunate to get to spend a week in Disney at the end of December with my family, my brother's family and my parents, to celebrate their Anniversary.  I LOVE DISNEY - and so do my kids - even though they really aren't kids anymore - but DISNEY brings out the kid in all of us - and we really had a GREAT time!

One of the few movies my hubby, 2 sons and I have seen together lately was Toy Story 3.  My oldest son Nick is 22 - and his favorite character in the movie was LOTSO HUGGIN' BEAR!   ( By the way - Nick is graduating college next month - his Major is Mass Communications - with a concentration in Media Production & Media Studies -- if anyone knows of any job openings  - please contact me !! )

So - anyway - when he saw that LOTSO had a Meet & Greet in Disney's Hollywood Studios - he and I went over and got on line to see him! Here is the layout I made with Photos from our LOTSO meeting: 

There are 17 buttons- counting the BIG Pink one
 - but not counting the felt buttons in the frame around the large photo.

(LOVE your smile Nick!)

Notice all of the buttons are stitched on the layout?
I have a problem with putting buttons on a layout 
that have not either been sewn on 
or had thread knotted through them - one of my "must dos"

SO - there you have it  - my BUTTON Layout!
Hope you like it and you go pull out your buttons and start creating too!
Have FUN!

~ Sherri