Thursday, December 27, 2012

If Our Tree Could Speak.....

I Hope Everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I borrowed this idea and title from the very talented Nathalie Kalbach's Blog.  Please be sure to go check out her Christmas Tree's story when you are done reading here!

 I LOVE our Christmas Tree, and think it is one of my favorite parts and decorations of the Holiday Season!

Finding just the right Christmas Tree is always a challenge! We in the Caramico household will not settle for just any 'ol tree.  We search and search until we find just the right one - and according to my husband and sons - it has to be the BIGGEST one possible!!  
( I have to be the practical one and have to keep reminding them that the ceiling is only 8ft tall!)
Their criteria is TALL and WIDE  - and I go along with them -because :
1.  I want to make them happy and
2. We've collected so many ornaments over the last 30years - and we need a place to hang them all!! :-)

This year's search was a little early.  We went on the hunt on Nov 25th, so that the tree would be up and decorated by a Holiday Party we had in our home on Dec 8th. We've been able to enjoy the tree's beauty and wonderful smell for the last 3 weeks, and I'm lovin' it!!   

We only went to 2 local places - the first one has been a "first stop" for the last few years - we haven't been lucky finding a tree there - but there are live animals -and my "boys" (23 & 18) insist we visit them!   ( Yes, I did make Baaa.. noises at them and they happily returned the favor!)

There were bunnies in a hutch there too, along with chickens just walking around! But again - no tree to fit the "Caramico Criteria!"
 So - off to our next stop - No animals at this one - but VERY nice trees!!   After talking the boys - well, mostly hubby, out of a tree the would have required a hole cut into the ceiling - we settled on a beautiful one - although they insist it isn't the biggest one we've brought home!  

So - here is our Tree's Story - 

IF OUR TREE COULD SPEAK  - it would tell you .... after being pushed and pulled through the netting contraption ( I have to say - I wasn't sure it was going to make it through....)  we hoisted it up on the roof of the car, and it's trunk showed through the sunroof.  We wanted to make sure it didn't fall off on the way home! we brought it into a nice warm house and let the branches warm up and relax for a few days....

.... how after a few spins - we finally decided what was the front, and lots and lots of colorful lights were added!

Next it would tell you that it was time to hang some special ornaments for this family... (in no particular order!)

One of their first ornaments - I can't believe it has held a place of honor on 29 Christmas Trees before me! 
This is their FIRST ever White House Ornament, from the early 1990's.  One is added each year and is a special gift from Meem and Pop.  These ornaments were the last ones to be hung on my branches - I'm told that is how it is always done!
This is a very special ornament - it was their first beloved Portuguese Water Dog - Lily's ornament, and am proud to hold it up high in a place of honor for them.

There is a new Portuguese Water Dog Puppy in the house!! I have to say - she has been very well behaved and has not bothered me at all!!  This is her special ornament and the 2nd time it has hung on a Christmas Tree!

Well, it seems that MANY ornaments hanging on my branches have something to do with Coca-Cola - I guess since so many members of this family work for Coke - it is only natural -and their red color scheme helps to make me look even more festive!
I'm told this red pine cone hung on their 94 year old Grandmother's tree, and is a family treasure!
It is so hard to imagine that their oldest son Nick is now 23 yrs old. He made an adorable little cherub with a big smile in this ornament made out of a jar lid and some decorations.
This ceramic baby ornament came from a craft fair and was personalized for their youngest son Jake
I'm not frightened by this smiling ornament - Jack Skellington, from Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite of their youngest son Jake, and can hang from my branches anytime!
This is one of their first ornaments - it is from their Honeymoon trip to Hawaii, 30 years ago - somehow it no longer says Maui - just Mau - the "i" went missing years ago!
This ornament came from their 2nd Cruise on board the Disney Magic - sure wish I was on that ship right now!
Believe it or not - this is actually a hand painted oyster shell from one of their favorite vacation places - Myrtle Beach, SC - so cute!
Look at this is a special little grouping! Can you see the little house made out of beads on the top left - there are 2 of them on my branches - each son made them in pre-school. They say "Houses are made out of brick and stone.... Homes are made of Love alone."  The beautiful ship in the middle is from their first Disney Cruise on the MAGIC in 2001 with 13 family members. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is on the bottom left of the photo, and was a gift to their oldest son Nick in 2007, when they went to Italy.
I also have lots of Hallmark ornaments hanging from my branches. I heard the ones from the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, are some of Nick's favorites - oh look - a Diet Coke can ornament photo bombed this shot! 
A Walrus on a Christmas Tree? - why not - this guy is cute and makes people smile when they stand in front of me and see him smiling back with that big "toothy" grin!
One of my favorite parts of being a Christmas Tree, is on Christmas Eve, when all of the presents are piled underneath me.  This year, Maggie, the Portuguese Water Dog posed prettily for the picture :-)
And here I am - in all my GLORY - shining brightly out the window and standing proudly, holding so many precious ornaments and helping this family to CHERISH the memories that they bring back to them each year!!

I hope you and yours had a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY and I send you WISHES for a VERY HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

All the best to you!
((HUGS)) ~ Sherri