Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black, White & Purple.... Another Dollies Trifecta

Well, as you can see, these are not recent photos, in fact, they are from 1992 - 18 years ago!
To say that I am not "caught up" on my scrapbooking is MORE than an understatement -
you see, I started scrapping "late" in my children's lives, so I know I will never be able to scrap
every picture I have - so I opt for my favorites - and scrap them "when the mood or inspiration"
hits me!

So - I actually had these photos cropped and ready to scrap for some time, and it took the latest
challenge from my friends at  the Design Dollies Blog to give me the inspiration that I needed!

I decided to go for the "Trifecta" challenge - which means I have to "abide by" all 3 of the challenge
rules or guidelines that they post for the week:
1. Color - Black, Purple & White
2. Mixed Medium - use elements other than paper ( paint, glimmer, canvas, cardboard etc...)
3. Follow the sketch they provide

So - here is my entry:

Can you believe I couldn't find 1 piece of purple patterned paper in my "stash!"
(When I do these challenges - I make it a rule that I will not buy anything new - I have to use "stuff" I already have, so it was time to improvise!)

I sprayed a white piece of cardstock with Deep Plum Glimmer Mist and swiped the one side through what was left on the spray mat.

I painted a piece of ouchless cardboard from Gauche Alchemy with gesso -then painted the edge with Royal Velvet Glimmer Glam. ( LOVE THIS STUFF- and all their cool mixed media items - go to their facebook page QUICK leave a comment and you might be just in time to take them up on their GREAT discount offer! - HURRY!!)

I also painted all of the #3's on the black and white patterned paper with Royal Velvet Glimmer Glam - I wasnt' too neat -as I wanted the area to shine and stand out.

I painted Royal Velvet Glimmer Glam on the edges of my photo and journaling mats too.

I edged the journaling mat, playing card and the base cardstock with Oil Slick Glimmer Glaze

The MOMENTS title was painted with gesso, and then sprayed with RAVEN Glimmer Mist, and top coated with Oil Slick Glimmer Glaze

I added a black camera shaped eyelet, through which I hung a black tassel that I've had hanging around for a while!

I love the little picture of Nick with the fishing pole in the upper right corner - it fit perfectly under the acrylic square that I adhered to the layout with purple brads.

The purple net by the playing card is from a bag of onions! (love this stuff!)

 - Oh - I took one of the many boxes of playing cards that we have accumulated through the years -and it is not part of my scrap stash - cool idea - huh?! -

These pictures were taken in Myrtle Beach, SC ~ one of our favorite places to vacation. For @ 10 years we stayed in the Ocean Creek resort.  There was a bridge over the creek, where our son Nick, then 3 and his cousins Rachael and Danielle would go fishing or crabbing with their Dad's ~ Phil and Uncle Nick.  Nick is wearing a favorite pair of Batman shorts ~aren't they cool!  Look how little Nick, Rach and Nellie are!  Check out the Tattoos on Nicks arm and hand - what memories these photos bring back!!  I think this is the year -or even the day when one of the crabs that they caught got out of the bucket, and Rach or Nellie tried to climb up their Dad, and pulled his bathing suit down while trying to get away from the crab!  I love how cute they all are - such beautiful children have grown into such lovely and handsome adults!

I think that is what scrapping is all about - the joy we get when we are able to relive special times, MOMENTS or memories in our lives.  Time passes by so quickly - it is nice to look at these pictures, and be able to go back and enjoy these great family times again and again.

I hope you like it!