Friday, December 17, 2010

Strength, Courage, Humor ~ a Remarkable Man!

Hi Everyone,  I have to share some GOOD NEWS - and maybe help everyone to take a minute and think about how BLESSED we are ALL are to be able to say that we are SO BUSY and don't know how we are going to "get everything done" before Christmas!

You see, my Uncle Bob is in the hospital, recovering from some major surgery - he has been a quadriplegic for the last 40+ years, after a swimming pool accident when he was 16, which in itself is a miracle!

 A recurring bedsore caused him to have to have his leg and part of his hip bone removed, about 4 weeks ago. He is an AMAZING and independent man, always in good spirits and joking, and he still has a long road ahead of him to recover.

Well  - the GOOD NEWS is that TODAY, with assistance,  he was able to get up, get dressed and get into his wheelchair for the first time since the surgery and......It went well!

He had to have a chest strap on to hold him up, but he wasn't dizzy or didn't lose his balance.....He even was able to eat his lunch sitting in his chair. He told my Mom, his sister, that maybe he can use the extra/empty pant leg as a scarf now that it is cold out!!  Just an incredible out look and crazy sense of humor!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been praying for him and ask you to please continue to do so, that he may heal quickly and be able to go home soon.

If you are able or so inclined and can send him a card or a note of encouragement in the next few weeks, I am sure he would appreciate it, and it would surely brighten the MANY days in the hospital that he has ahead of him.

His mailing address is:
Mr. Robert Zito
c/o Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg Hospital
2545 Schoenersville Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18017
(Good Shepherd Hospital)
(Room #4013)

SO -in this crazy busy season - when the only parking spot at the mall you can find is the furthest one away - be THANKFUL that you are ABLE to walk - what might seem like a mile - uphill in the cold - into the mall, but mostly be THANKFUL for the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS in life, FAMILY, LOVE & GOOD HEALTH - and take a minute to ENJOY THEM this Holiday Season ;o)

ALL THE BEST to you and your families,



  1. Sherri... This story touched my heart... I am now also praying for your uncle! Such an amazing outlook on life!

  2. Thank you Adina - as an UPDATE - with more good news - Uncle Bob was able to go back to his home the week after Christmas, while we were all away. He does have a live in aide who helps him - but he is HOME, even driving his car to the store to get a new phone!!! IMAGINE!!! and we think we have it rough sometimes!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!


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