Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Challenge #2 - an unusual "element" challenge!


This week's challenge - over at THE DOLLHOUSE is an
ELEMENT challenge -

I've seen and played with these challenges in the past and they have included items like, buttons, or anything nautical, or mixed media....

This week - in honor of Design Dollie ADINA's Birthday - which was yesterday by the way - it is something completely different and FUN!!

Wait ....  Please excuse me for just a minute.....


(Thank you! - I had to do that for my BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE and SUPER TALENTED friend ADINA - whom I would never have met, if it wasn't for this crazy "addiction" called scrapbooking!)

Well - the song also gives you a HINT as to this week's element challenge - Can you GUESS?

It is a word repeated in the song 3 times -can YOU guess??   OK - well, maybe that isn't really a good hint, since there are 4 words repeated 3 times!! LOL!! -- SO I guess I'll just spit it out - the Element for this week's challenge is YOU!   That is right - here is your chance to create a card, or layout - and somewhere, somehow - you need to include YOU!  ( Sometimes we all need "permission" to do that - since we are always scrapping others!)

Here is my submission for this challenge:

When we went to Disney World to celebrate my parent's 50th Anniversary, I was the "official" photographer for our group of 10.  I was also the travel planner, and did lots of research.  I found out that you can have the Disney photographers in the parks take your photos at different places in the park, for what they call "MAGIC" pictures!  So - I made sure I had my picture taken by one of them - and requested a Tinkerbell pose.  When I pulled up the photos on line from my free Photopass account - I found the picture of TINK and I, that was taken while we were in Disney's Animal Kingdom, and decided to use it for this challenge!

I played on the Animal Kingdom / Jungle theme, and used a piece of paper that I have had FOREVER as the "frame"  ( the one that looks like hand painted leaves ) I tore out the center, rolled back the ripped edges and inked them with a dark green ink.  The funny thing is - when creating this layout - I was with a group of my scrappy friends - and everyone wanted to know where I got the cool paper from! I literally have had that paper for about 4 - 5 years! ( That is what I LOVE about DESIGN DOLLIE CHALLENGES! - I always try to and get to use "STUFF" that I've had for years!)

Here is a close up of TINK, and the grey, blue and green diecut paper that I inked and added some blingy brads to.  The diecut, along with the strip of grey, blue and green patterned paper and striped paper with glitter along the bottom are actually scraps that I just couldn't bear to throw away.  The thinly striped paper that peeks out from the behind everything is actually the back of a 2 sided piece of paper that has little boy tools and stuff on the other side - so remember ladies - FLIP over that paper - and think outside of the box!  You'd be surprised what GOODNESS you will find!

Speaking of "goodness!" the cluster of embellishments in the corner of the layout includes a little "old" and "new."  I couldn't resist the HOTNESS of the NEW PRIMA green and grey flowers!!! I HAD TO HAVE THEM - and I think they go perfectly! The amber gem elements, and the tiger bead are from a broken piece of jewelry ~ more HOTNESS!! (Thanks to my friend John, my jewelry "supplier!") I think they pick up the "Animal" theme, along with the little blue and green sparkly Dragonfly!

So - that's my "YOU" Challenge - I hope you like it - and it INSPIRES YOU to create something this week - to CELEBRATE "YOU!"

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!  You have until Midnight, Sunday, March 20th to link up your submission, or just join in the fun!

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to THE DOLLHOUSE and check out all the other Design Dollies "DOLLISHIOUS" samples for inspiration- and start scrappin'!

Have an AMAZING week!  YOU deserve it!


  1. I love what you did for this challenge Sherri!! And Tinks is so cute too ;)

    I must admit when using double sided papers I do a LOT of 'flipping it over' and with some ranges I use more of the 'reverse' sides than the 'front' sides :)

    Love your work chickie x

  2. Hey Karen - thanks for the kind words! I am a sucker for double sided paper too - I always have to buy at least 2 pcs of each -because I never know what side I might be "in the mood for!" Guess we are "flippin' sisters!" LOL!
    Thanks again,


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